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LOL: Hilarious Video Shows Biden Getting a Not so Nice “FJB” Welcome to Massachusetts [WATCH]

If you got the opportunity to say one thing to Biden, what would it be?

Some might yell at him about the price of gas, castigate him for any one of his numerous foreign policy failures, react with fury to the tide of illegal immigrants that he has let wash across the southern border, or otherwise tear into him for this or that policy failure.

But the thing is, the man’s obviously senile. He’s less bright than that one burned-out lightbulb in the corner of your kitchen that you’re hoping your wife won’t notice and tell you to fix. His brain is even duller than that shovel you tried using to chip ice off your driveway and ended up turning into a dull, useless piece of metal on a stick. Point is, he’s not gonna get what’s going on if you screech at him about policy, so it’s useless.

So what should you do instead? What the “Massholes” in the hilarious video below did: greet him by mocking him, hurling a great volley of “FJBs” and “let’s go Brandon” chants his way.

Predictably, people on Twitter absolutely loved the video, as every red, white, and blue-blooded American does. It’s just too funny seeing people all around the country, even in blue states like Massachusetts, react to the president’s arrival not with glee, or even anger, but with mockery and scorn. Here are some of the best comments from the video:

“Most popular President ever! A deep blue state doesn’t even support him anymore.”

“It’s funeral precession carrying the corpse.”

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“Climate ‘emergency’ . He flies a jet to the meeting and I count a minimum of 21 gas guzzling cars. 🤔”

“Wow, the most democratic state in the country, I think they’re realizing that if JFK were alive today he would be a republican”

It’s little surprise people are reacting to Biden’s convoy with such mockery and scorn or that people online love seeing it so much: Joe has been an absolute disaster, and that was before he said he had cancer and people couldn’t tell if he actually has cancer or if he’s just senile and said something random.

On that note, Biden’s exact quote was “That’s why I and so damn many other people I grew up with have cancer,” explaining why Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation for the longest time. “That’s why Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation.”

Does he have cancer? Who knows. As I said earlier, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed and he also has a penchant for…exaggerating certain things. Perhaps Cornpop gave him cancer or Hunter, the smartest person he knows, told him that standing too close to the microwave while watching his oatmeal heat up would make him an X-man. Who knows.

Whatever the case, it sure is great seeing patriots in even deep-blue Massachusetts mocking the president and his convoy with such glee.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List