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LOL: Hilarious Video Shows ATF Agent Get ARRESTED After Trying to Confiscate Man’s Shotgun [WATCH]

Things got crazy back in 2020 when this below video happened. If you need some humor in your life and want to see an ATF agent humiliated:

Oh, and there’s a longer video:

So, according to The Columbus Dispatch, a local outlet that reported on the incident, as it occured in Columbus, this incident, though it’s going viral and getting airtime now, occurred back in July of 2020. It involved Agent James Burk of the ATF and officers Joseph Fihe and Kevin Wichell of the Columbus PD.

Apparently, what happened was that the ATF jackboot when to seize a shotgun from someone because the ATF though that the woman was not “authorized” to have one, whatever that means. So much for “not coming for your hunting guns.”

So, when the guy started banging on the door and wanting to confiscate the shotgun, the woman called the cops on Burk (the ATF jackboot), and two 20-year veterans of the local police department arrived to sort out what was going on.

That’s when the hilarity of the event ensued: the cops weren’t enthused with seeing someone trying to take the guns of a resident and dealt with Burk by tazing him.

And boy did that tazer turn him from enforcer of gun confiscation to whimpering coward, as he started screaming something about a supposed medical conditiona and some random excuse about his wife. The cops didn’t care, tazing him anyway.

Burk, has now filed a lawsuit against the officers involved, accusing them of “excessive use of force.” Perhaps the few survivors of the ATF’s Waco fiasco should sue for it using “excessive force” there…

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In any case, it’s hard to say the cops are at fault because the dispatcher hadn’t verified his badge number, so the cops were unsure whether the guy was just trying to take the woman’s shotgun or if he was actually an ATF agent.

Since the incident Burk has been moved to a desk job. He claims he suffered “phsyical and psychological injuries” from the event…so it must have not been that fun for him to be on the other side of the law’s long boot.

Louder with Crowder, summing up quite well how many people feel about the incident after watching it, said:

So, I don’t approve of excessive force. I also am not celebrating any alleged “injuries” Burk experienced as a result of the event–although, I find the claim that he’s been psychologically wounded or something difficult to believe. What I do like is the general idea of the ATF getting wrecked while coming for someone’s firearms. And while I don’t know what justification was used to determine the woman wasn’t allowed to have a shotgun in her possession, I also don’t believe any law on the books infringing on one’s God-given right to own firearms is constitutional, so the ATF can suck it.

If Griner’s inability to speak because she’s so shocked she’s being held accountable didn’t give you a good laugh, maybe this video of the ATF trying to take some woman’s shotgun and getting tazed for its efforts will.

Generally we back the blue here, but the ATF is just awful and tends to be involved in cracking down on patriots and taking their guns, or at least trying we might have watched this video a few times.

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9 thoughts on “LOL: Hilarious Video Shows ATF Agent Get ARRESTED After Trying to Confiscate Man’s Shotgun [WATCH]”

  1. Say what you like about the supposed uncertainty of the Jackboot’s identity when officers arrived–but what actually happened was a simple, good old fashioned pissing contest. The Jackboot didn’t like being challenged by a local yokel and he didn’t fully cooperate right from the beginning. He didn’t think they’d call his bluff. He should have at least handled it like a man once he forced their hand and got tased. He was crying like the crackheads they used to catch on Live PD! LOL!

  2. The ATF should NEVER approach ANY US CITIZEN without having at least 2 local, uniformed officers at their shoulder, as well as written & signed authorization from the local US District judge to execute their approach and action.

  3. All Bidens nazi brown shirts should be hanged on sight….anti American cocksuckers that they are….traitorous cunts

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