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LOL: Far-Left Gavin Newsom HUMILIATED, Makes a Complete Fool of Himself When Attacking DeSantis

Gavin Newsom – a governor who has just been recalled by his own state – wants to submit his resume for your consideration to be your President.  He is facing a small problem though: California is hemorrhaging population, and some people would even prefer to live in Mexico than in hellhole Gavin Newsom calls home.

That’s why Gavin took time out of his busy schedule of tasting a new French Laundry prix fixe menu to explain that people leaving his state are simply misinformed. If you are a California ex-pat living in Florida, it may appear to you that you are getting a much higher quality of life for a lot less money. But you are doing so at the expense of your freedom!

A person who banned lawn mowers is lecturing you about freedom.

A person who decides what car you should drive is lecturing you about freedom.

A person who locked his residents inside their homes for a span of a year, closing parks, beaches, and playgrounds, churches, restricting private gatherings and banning hospital visits, and penalizing singing and shouting, is lecturing you about freedom.

A person who imposes mandatory masking every time someone sneezes is lecturing you about freedom.

A person who won’t allow your child attend school without a Covid vaccine passport is lecturing you about freedom.

A person whose state is banning residents from living in single family houses is lecturing you about freedom.

My presentation of Gavin Newsom’s freedom fighter resume can take a few hours, but I assume you want to get to your July 4th celebration.

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But don’t assume that Gavin Newsom is not fighting for freedom.

He is fighting for freedom of your four-year-old child to attend a sex education course:

He is fighting for freedom of so called “doctors” to mutilate your children’s bodies and bill your insurance.

He is fighting for freedom of the homeless people from around the world to come and enjoy life courtesy of California taxpayer.

He is fighting for the freedom of criminals to run wild on your streets.

To my fellow Floridians: please resist your temptation to rush back to California all at once now!  Gavin needs time to finish his amuse bouche.

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 RWR original article syndication source.