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LOL: Far-Left David Hogg Gets DEMOLISHED by Ben Shapiro after Attempted Twitter Attack

Remember David Hogg? The kid from Parkland with zero muscle mass that wants to use the force of the state to take your firearms? The kid who got into Harvard because of his political activism and attempted to start a pillow company to rival Mike Lindell’s MyPillow but failed dramatically in that endeavor?

Well, Hogg is back to hogging the media spotlight, this time by attempting to attack Daily Wire co-founder and conservative media personality Ben Shapiro on Twitter.

It all started when Hogg tweeted out that he doesn’t want to have kids because he’d rather have a dog and Porsche, saying, in a rambling Twitter thread:

Kids are the new boats
Pets are the new kids
Plants are the new pets
Let me explain…

Like yes kids are nice but most people can’t afford them so it’s nice to have friends with one but not have one yourself. Pets are the affordable version of kids today for Millennials and Gen Z and plants are now the more affordable plants.

Plants are now the more affordable pets

Like the number of people I know who literally throw big actual birthday parties for their dogs that they have friends invited and everything is awesome but also very telling of our changing view of having children and our economic condition.

Like me? I’m never planning on having kids. I would much rather own a Porsche and have a Portuguese water dog and golden doodle. Long term it’s cheaper, better for The environment and will never tell you that it hates you or ask you to pay for college.

Many conservatives made fun of that last bit, including Ben Shapiro. He tweeted out a screenshot of the tweet and saidBased on the massive success of your pillow company, I’m going to say that the Porsche may be out of reach. How does a 2004 Kia Optima sound?”

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Now that’s pretty fun. I’m not a huge Ben Shapiro fan, but that tweet was a zinger.

And it apparently hit home, as an obviously triggered David Hogg tried slamming Shapiro in response, saying “You are in no position to be talking about success in bed Mr. Shapiro.

Though funny in a juvenile way, that attack didn’t really hit home in the same way that Shapiro’s did, and so Hogg tried again later, saying:

I’ll take Ben Shapiro seriously when he starts acting like the near 40 year old father he is and not like the 14 year old on 4chan he acts like and takes a basic sex Ed class.

I’m not so mad that he came after me as I am that he is radicalizing young men into believing they are oppressed by women simply because they can’t get laid. He would do a lot better for the world if he did a video for his followers on how to shower and wash their sheets.

He is just such a piece of shit that has made millions selling hatred, homophobia, sexism and racism to young men to tell them they’re oppressed it drives me fucking nuts. All he has ever done is project and sell hatred to weak insecure men who can’t get laid.

Well, all it took was two quick tweets for Shapiro to demolish the nonsense Hogg was trying to push, saying:

Here comes the media attempt to get me banned from social media. They can’t name which views of mine are particularly radical, so they just go for the “I’m radicalizing the youths!” Pathetic garbage from the Canada’s public broadcaster.

They can’t actually connect me to hate groups because I’m not actually connected to hate groups, but I have Bad Views™! Those views apparently include “objectification of women,” which is a strange charge to level against an Orthodox Jew who promotes virginity until marriage.

Boom. Lib wrecked.

By: Gen Z Conservative