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LOL: Far-Left Chuck Todd Just Got Some Crushing News from MSNBC

Far-left Chuck Todd and his show, Meet the Press Daily, just got some crushing news from his employer: as the network mixes things up in the wake of horrid ratings, he won’t be around on the cample line up any more, nor will his show.

That’s because he and his show just got booted from MSNBC’s cable line up and his renamed show (it will now be called “Meet the Press Now” rather than “Meet the Press Daily”) to a streaming-only option of MSNBC and NBC.

The 1 PM slot his show previously filled will now be filled by Chris Jansing’s “MSNBC Reports.”

Perhaps it’s not the worst news for Todd, as at least he still has a show, unlike Brian Stelter. But, if the CNN+ experience is any guide, it hardly seems that being moved to the streaming only version of a leftie news station is a great way to grow an audience or stay employed.

Confirming that the move isn’t great news for Todd was the Daily Beast, which reported on the situation and noted that:

The executive producer of Meet the Press, who NBC announced last week is ”shifting” over to the streaming side, was pushed out amid the Sunday politics show’s ratings woes, two people familiar with the matter told Confider.

John Reiss, who had been EP for the last eight years, was officially punted over to the NBC News Now streaming service, and David P. Gelles, a long-time CNN producer who helped develop the now-defunct CNN+ streamer, was parachuted in to help fix the sinking show, which is down 21 percent in total viewership and 24 percent in the key advertising demographic compared to last year—more than any of the other Sunday politics shows.

Gelles’ first order of business, multiple sources said, is deciding what to do about Chuck Todd, who despite recently signing a two-year extension, as Confider has learned, has baffled many at NBC with how long he’s remained atop the struggling show.

NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker is being groomed to replace Todd, multiple insiders with knowledge of the matter said, and is expected to take on more hosting duties as the midterm elections approach.

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And so Chuck Todd had to do the same thing as Don Lemon recently did, which is deliver a final message on his last show. Doing so, he said:

I want to take a moment to remind people of our mission here: to share with you what you need to know about what’s happening in Washington and in American politics, and most importantly, explain why it happened, and why it matters to you.

“I’ve always been a big believer in finding new ways to reach new audiences. So we know where you are. And putting Meet the Press on NBC News NOW, five days a week is at the forefront of where we want to be in streaming news. It was a no-brainer. We know you are here because you’re simply looking for smart, honest news and analysis. That’s all. Which has been, and always will be the driving force behind Meet the Press.”

NBC News’ President, Noah Oppenheim, spoke on the change to Todd’s position in a statement, saying:

“NBC News is the leader in streaming news. Since our launch, we’ve been committed to delivering the best of NBC News’ journalism, free, to streaming audiences everywhere.”

“Chuck was one of the first broadcast anchors to see the massive potential of streaming and bringing Meet the Press’s daily franchise to NBC News NOW reinforces the platform’s status as the destination for news on streaming.”

So things aren’t looking great for Todd. We’ll see how long he lasts in the new position.

By: Gen Z Conservative