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LOL: Dumbest Criminal Ever is Arrested After French Fry Altercation

On Friday, police in Georgia arrested a man who is wanted for murder after the suspect dialed 911 due to his order of Mcdonald’s french fries being too cold.

According to the order of events laid out by Fox 5 News, Antoine Sims, 24 years old, was dining in a McDonald’s restaurant in Kennesaw, Georgia when he got into a verbal altercation with staff. 

At first, Sims realized that his food, along with that of his fiancée’s, was taking too long so he approached the ordering counter in an attempt to resolve the long wait.

At this point, Antoine Sims received the terrible news that his order was already completed and had been waiting on the pick-up counter for some time.  

Since Sims, as per his claim to police officers on scene, did not receive a receipt, he was unable to know which order number corresponded to his precious french fries.

“So now our food is sitting there cold,” said sims according to one officer. “So when I come up, I try the fries. The fries are lukewarm, but they’re not hot.”

Sims , an apparent aficionado of fast-food french fries, refused to tolerate this slight. Since the fries were not served while piping-hot, his fiancée’s last french fry would likely be merely at room temperature.

Sims, looking to receive a new order that befits a man of his importance, requested a fresh order of french fries in lieu of any refund. This seemed to spark a disagreement between Sims and the manager of the all-American dining establishment.

After management demanded that sims and his date leave the premise, both parties placed calls to the police emergency contact line, 911.

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Per the officer, the manager stated, “I don’t ever want him back here, I mean, dude’s obviously on probation – got an ankle bracelet on.”

While in the parking lot, officers handed Sims a criminal trespass notice and asked him to sign his name. Meanwhile, officers were running a check on Sims’ identification on police databases and noticed that the man became “agitated”, according to the police report.

“I’m afraid of y’all. I just did three years, sir. I’m afraid of y’all, sir,” Sims explained to the police in an attempt to assuage them of his innocence. 

Sims then broke character and ran away, leading to a footrace between him and the police.

Later, Sims was found after attempting to break into a resident’s third-floor apartment in Cobb County.  Police used their TASER gun to stun Sims and take the man into custody.

Sims’ charges included obstruction or hindering law enforcement and criminal trespass, along with the aforementioned outstanding warrant. As if that wasn’t enough, Sims also got possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute when police found 31 grams of marijuana while searching through his fiancée’s car.

Antoine Sims was also arrested in 2019, when he was accused of setting a car on fire with a woman’s body inside. Then, he was charged with felony murder.

Society should be thanking McDonald’s today, as their heroic food service has taken one more criminal off our streets.

By: Goose