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LOL: “DeSantis Derangement Syndrome” Replaces TDS as Fake News Freaks Out about DeSantis’ Anti-Groomer Policies

Bess Levin – a clown identifying as a journalist for a tabloid identifying as Vanity Fair, is “really f$$king scared:”

“What might the country look like should DeSantis ascend to the White House? In a word: scary. In three words: really fucking scary. In 20 words: It’ll be the kind of place where teachers are warned not to display rainbow flags for fear of being prosecuted.”

Bess Levin’s writing features more obscenities than a public bathroom wall.  Ms. Levin is famous for her masterpieces like:

A good part of Miss Levin’s writing is dedicated to Donald Trump throwing various people and things under the bus – because this is the only expression she knows that doesn’t involve bodily functions.  Ms. Levin also once famously (and prophetically!) claimed that Donald Trump would barricade himself in the Oval Office and stay there forever.

I hate to give people (and I use this term loosely) like Bess Levin more clicks, but an insight into her twisted mind might provide an explanation for her demented verbal diarrhea that Vanity Fair proudly puts out. While Donald Trump is looking for more “victims” to throw under the bus, Bess found herself a new target: Ron DeSantis. Ms. Levin’s latest article claims that Florida Parental Rights in Education law that took effect on July 1st, already (on day ONE) turned Florida schools into “dystopian hellscapes.”

Paging Bess Levin: as kids growing up in the former Soviet Union, many of us considered our schools “dystopian hellscapes.”  There were a few reasons for that:

  • Teachers often raised their voices to high-pitched noise and called students demeaning names. I once observed an art teacher hitting a student’s hand with a ruler for being careless.
  • I knew a teacher who locked a child with a learning disability in an empty classroom for two hours to take a test in solitary confinement.
  • One of the teachers’ responsibilities was to hold a monthly parent meeting during which a teacher would go through each child’s laundry list of problems and demean parents whose children weren’t doing well in front of others.

I could go on for hours – but the only thing here that would concern Bess Levin is that no school allowed any displays of “rainbow flags.” Students were required to wear plain uniforms, with short haircuts for the boys and no jewelry for the girls. Needless to say, the absence of rainbow flags was the last of our complaints. I wish we had Bess Levin to explain to us the true extent of our suffering:

“Yes, on Friday, Desantis’s Parental Rights in Education Act, a.k.a. the “Don’t Say Gay” law, went into effect in Florida, and it’s hard to overstate how terrifying this whole thing is. In addition to banning any talk of gender identity and sexual orientation in kindergarten through third grade, it also prohibits such discussions all the way through high school, saying that such topics cannot be discussed in any grade in a manner that is not ‘age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate.’”

My kids attended elementary school in this country, seemingly not long ago.  Their school did not cover anything even remotely related to sex education until grade five – and even then, many parents thought it was too early.  When the time came for sex education class, the school invited all parents for a meeting with the child development expert who was specially hired to teach the class.  The topics were limited strictly to human anatomy, health, and personal hygiene.  The teacher emphasized that no “mechanics” of sex would be discussed, and no personal advice would be given as it was left strictly to the parents.  She sent all materials home and she strongly encouraged parents to comment and discuss all topics covered in class. At that time, the whole experience struck me as very age-appropriate (a definition Bess Levin has a lot of trouble understanding.)

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Little did I know how “terrifying” the school experience was for both kids and teachers:

“When we talk about the culture of fear that this bill has created and the chilling effect, we’re talking about the fact that educators and school districts are scared to approach anything related to LGBTQ people or issues out of fear of lawsuits and professional ruin,” Florida representative Carlos Guillermo Smith told The Hill.”

I could only imagine the “chilling effect” the whole teaching experience had on my kids’ teachers.  To think: none of them got to wear a button with their “preferred pronouns.”  None of them got to tell the kids about the gender identity of the new partner they met on TikTok, or rehash a drag show they attended last night.  I can’t even imagine how difficult it was for the teachers to concentrate on reading while going through an internal sexual identity struggle just waiting to burst out in front of a Kindergarten class.  I am surprised that so few (read: none) of my kids’ teachers committed suicide.

“For instance, the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association accused school officials this week of telling teachers not to wear clothing with rainbows on them and to get rid of “safe space” stickers and photos of their same-sex spouses, according to NBC News.”

Only a Neanderthal would wonder why any teacher older than three years of age would feel the need to wear clothing with rainbows.  Only a transphobic person would ask where a “safe space” sticker would come in – after all, you assume any space in a school is quite safe.  And only a representative of the ULTRA MAGA crowd would enquire how a picture of your spouse (of any sex) fits into a classroom curriculum – unless your spouse just sacrificed his or her life saving a dozen people.  But for Bess Levin’s “noble” readers, those questions never come up.

“And on Tuesday, according to NBC, the Leon County School Board approved a ‘LGBTQ Inclusive Guide,’ which includes a clause that says parents must be informed if a student who is ‘open about their gender identity’ is in their child’s gym class or with them on an overnight school trip.  ‘Parents or students who have concerns about rooming assignments for their student’s upcoming overnight event based on religious or privacy concerns may request an accommodation.’”

Ms. Levin’s personal definition of “a dystopian hellscape” is a place that’s not forcing an underage student to share sleeping quarters, or a bathroom, with someone who makes her feel uncomfortable. Even sharing such concern with a child’s parent seems pretty “dystopian” to Bess. Involving a parent in anything that relates to their children’s wellbeing – be it the school curriculum, a child’s health, and development, or even something drastic like a sexual assault, sounds like something only a horrible monster and a Nazi like Ron DeSantis could unleash on the residents of his state whose suffering knows no bounds.

And to add insult to injury, according to Bess, DeSantis “has a not-insignificant chance of becoming president in 2024.”

Let’s join our hands in prayer that this is the first (and last!) of Ms. Levin’s predictions that turns out to be accurate.  We can’t wait to see Vanity Fair’s readers waking up in the “dystopian hellscape” we call Real America:

 RWR original article syndication source.