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LOL: Democrats Handed Us This Win

Thanks for the win in Virginia, Democrats, we couldn’t have done it without you! Literally, we couldn’t have. Thanks for all the support; if y’all didn’t act like crazy people our otherwise non particularly inspiring, Conservative, Inc. candidate would have lost.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Younkin is a good guy, certainly better than McAuliffe, and I’m glad he won. Plus, as the Democrats got crazier and crazier, Youngkin got more and more conservative, which was nice to watch. But the reason he won isn’t, as people like Meghan McCain think, that all the Conservative, Inc. Republicans in the suburbs were inspired by the Old Dominion’s very white bread candidate. No, he won because conservatism is the obviously better alternative to the race-based lunacy the Democrats are promoting.

In fact, two stories encapsulate why Youngkin won, and they both come out of the blue dots in Northern Virginia.

The first is the sickening rape that took place in a Loudoun County school. In fact, Greg Gutfeld’s reaction to the original story shows just how most Americans felt about what was going on and why it boosted Youngkin. As Trending Politics reported:

“Why is nobody talking about this crime?” Gutfeld asked his fellow co hosts. “Now we know that it’s true. The rapist has pled guilty. And no one would have known about this if it wasn’t for the dad of the victim being arrested and humiliated and called a domestic terrorist by the school board! This is an indictment of the corporate press.”

They covered this thing up for the sake of an election!” he added. “I’m trying to think of why you would cover up a sensational story like this? A story of a double rapist, a young girl raped in her school by a guy who might have been using a skirt as a ruse. That is a huge, huge story!”

“So it had to be covered up for the sake of the election or because there was some sympathy towards the suspect and antipathy towards the victim, that’s a possibility,” Gutfeld added. “If you vote for Terry McAuliffe, you are voting for the same corrupt system that condoned a rape because the suspect may have worn a skirt? Who knows? But if you vote for Terry McAuliffe, you’re voting for rape!”
They let a rape happen because they wanted to make transgenderism appear okay. Parents, who naturally don’t want their daughters raped by boys wearing skirts, aren’t okay with that. So they voted for Youngkin.
Then there’s the problem of what was actually being taught in those schools; what is being taught is CRT. As the Federalist reported:

Loudoun County Public Schools has made a long, coordinated effort to ensure that critical race theory is institutionalized despite public opposition, emails obtained by Judicial Watch indicate.

Contained in the emails are communications from both former LCPS Superintendent Eric Williams and current LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler to various school board members, teachers, and even some parents about the district’s inclination toward implementing racist curriculum for teachers and students.

So the schools were teaching students to view everything through a racial lens and letting boys rape girls. Youngkin attacked them for it, echoing the concerns of many parents. Not McAuliffe; he defended the teachers and said that parents should stay out of it. Other Democrats backed him up on that. Virginia parents were furious, so he lost and Youngkin won.

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So, thanks for the victory, Democrats! We couldn’t have done it without you! The red wave is gonna be awesome so long as y’all keep acting insane.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.