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LOL: Democrats Get Yet More Horrible 2024 News as the Biden-Kamala Split Intensifies

NOTE: this article contains commentary that reflects the author’s opinion.

Newsweek recently published a shockingly telling piece, one in which the author, an obvious leftist, rips into Cackling Kamala and Slow Joe Biden for their many failures but also continually bemoans the fact that it’ll be about impossible for Democrats to get rid of the duo without infuriating special interest demographics like “black women” or admitting that they chose the wrong guy to run the nation.

Beginning, the author notes that many are demanding Joe leave the White House, or at least not run again, in 2024, saying:

It was the meme of the week: Joe’s gotta go. It felt like every liberal news outlet took part in a week of scathing critique of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, with many even from the President’s own party suggesting he commit to not running in 2024.

He then goes on to detail some of Team Biden’s many failures, from the huge GOP abortion win to the ignominious route from Afghanistan, saying:

The President also appears helpless in the fight to protect bodily autonomy and healthcare for women and girls in the wake of the reversal of Roe v. Wade, while Biden’s signature piece of legislation, Build Back Better, died in the Senate, where he couldn’t even rally consensus within his own Party. And it’s unlikely that the President will be able to deliver much of anything in the final two years of his term, as Republicans are likely poised to take the House of Representatives.

These failures have been compounded by unforced errors like the sloppy exit from Afghanistan and subpar messaging on the successes and direction of his administration. President Biden is quickly losing the confidence of people who voted for him to return the country to normalcy and work across the aisle. His approval ratings are sinking.

But then he gets to his main point, which is that the Democrats can’t ditch Brandon and Kamala without infuriating their leftist base, particularly the diversity-minded part of it, saying:

And yet, the truth remains that Democrats chose Biden and Harris to lead them. Quickly casting them aside would be politically disastrous because it would signal to the rest of the country that the Democrats by their own admission can’t choose someone to lead the nation.

And this logic holds not just for President Biden but for Vice President Harris. Like Biden, Harris is not the strongest communicator and could face an uphill climb in an open primary against polished extemporaneous speakers—people like Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg or California Governor Gavin Newsom, whose names have been floated as alternatives to Biden in 2024. Other insiders have suggested bringing back 2020 Democratic primary candidates like Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren.

But if Democrats put their weight behind any of these candidates, they risk upsetting Black women, the party’s most loyal demographic base. When Biden nominated Harris, it was with the understanding that she was the Democratic Party‘s future…

What’s important there isn’t just that it’s obvious the author thinks Democrats can’t escape their current troubles without infuriating their base, it’s the idea that they need to do so, particularly with Kamala.

And he’s not the only one thinking that Kamala, if possible, needs to go. New York Magazine ran an article making much the same point, saying:

Relatively few people outside the White House totally buy it. With Trumpism reascendant, ambivalence about Biden’s age and political standing is fueling skepticism just as the image of his understudy, Vice-President Kamala Harris, dips even further than his. The most recent analysis from the Los Angeles Times has her net approval rating at negative 11. The result is a bizarre disconnect within the Democratic Party, with two factions talking past each other. One group consists of Biden and his loyalists, who are convinced that while the ticket’s numbers are undeniably bleak, they’re historically unsurprising for a president and VP facing their first midterm and will surely bounce back. The second group comprises a broad swath of the Democratic elite and rank and file alike, who suspect that vectors of age, succession, and strategy have created a dynamic with no obvious parallel in recent history.


Most think Harris would win the nomination if Biden backed her, and no one thinks he would ever actively endorse anyone else. But to her doubters, that itself is reason to think that “Biden has to run again, because he desperately has to keep Trump out of the White House and defend our democracy,” as one Capitol Hill supporter puts it. “And I have no doubts Kamala Harris can’t win.” The inside-baseball gripes and anonymous knifing would be easier to shrug off if not for the flurry of sub-rosa activity elsewhere in the party, which suggests a potential Harris candidacy may not be intimidating enough to keep others away from 2024.

In other words, Kamala might be the current backup plan, but she’s even less likeable than Joe. Yet worse (for Democrats), the party appears to be split into factions over the issue, bickering about who could possibly be chosen to replace at least one of the two incompetents, particularly Kamala.

If all that’s true, it’s particularly bad news for the Democrats heading into the 2024 race: it means they’re stuck with a senile moron and the utterly unlikeable Kamala Harris, knowing deep down that they can’t ditch either character despite desperately needing to as others want to run but can’t because they’d anger their most loyal voters.

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