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LOL: CNN’s “Reboot” Has Already Gone Careening Off the Rails

Want a hearty belly laugh at CNN’s expense? Then you need to take a look at this piece from Radar Online, one that you’ll have a bit of a hard time reading without letting your jaw hang completely open or without laughing so hard that you tumble out of your chair.

Why? Because its discussion of what CNN’s planning for its “reboot” shows that even the new executives of the network have no idea what the term “unbias” actually means.

I mean, it’s really not that hard. Either be biased (like this site obviously is) and be open about that, making your partisan/ideological position clear from the start, or just be unbiased and honest.

CNN, according to its new owners and bosses, ostensibly aims to do the latter and return to an era of reporting news rather than leftist talking points disguised as news. But if the Radar Online piece is accurate, that ain’t gonna happen: whatever the new window-dressing, CNN doesn’t seem to have grasped what it actually means to be “unbiased”.

Why’s that? Well, Radar reported that Chris has an insane new plan in the works… he’s thinking the best way to boost ratings and shed the “overly biased” persona that CNN’s earned over the Trump years, is to go out and hire the biggest “TDS King” on TV… Stephen Colbert.

Yes, really. Colbert, the guy that used to be kinda funny but has since turned into the most looney of the Trump-hating loons, is the one that Licht wants to hire to revive CNN’s fortunes and restore its place as an honest news network.

But that’s not all. Radar goes on to say that Chris Licht also has his eyes set on MSNBC “stars” Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. So the guy who has been saying he’s going to return CNN to being an unbiased news outlet is wanting to hire three dyed-in-the-wool leftists…

Chris realizes not only he could persuade Colbert to leave the plum gig of the Late Show but he desperately wants to integrate Colbert into the network,” one insider confided to this website.

He is looking at CBS’ longtime ‘relationship’ with CBS that allowed CNN’s top talent like Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta to file for 60 Minutes as a means by which to find a way to get Colbert involved at CNN.

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“Chris and Colbert worked wonders in late night and together again, they could just help CNN out of the ratings’ abyss.

“It would be a programming shake-up for CNN, that’s for certain. Satire and comedy? On CNN? But together, they (Licht and Colbert) proved that politics can work in prime-time on CBS, so who’s to bet against the prospect that comedy and satire cannot work on cable news.”

Never mind that Colbert’s ratings have flat-lined after crashing 45 percent last year, he wouldn’t be a good pick for a real news outlet if his rating were doubling: he’s obviously biased, a cartoonish sketch of a TDS-afflicted leftist.

Being biased is fine. Being unbiased is fine. What’s not fine, what people detest and what has led to CNN’s crash, is dressing up obviously partisan talking points as “real, unbiased news”. Unfortunately for CNN, that appears to be exactly what it’s doing.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List