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LOL: CNN Employees “Freaking Out” as Fox Ratings Soar and CNN Ratings Crash

Another week, another piece of bad news for CNN and great news for Fox News Channel. That news, as is now typical, is that Fox News Channel shows are doing quite well as CNN crashes and burns.

According to Mediaite, Gutfeld’s meteoric rise to success now has him regularly thrashing the MSM’s programs of note, even NBC’s “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” and ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“Last week Fox News’s late-night show ‘Gutfeld!’ averaged 2.12 million total viewers and some 348,000 viewers in the key 25-54 age demographic – his second-best week of the year. … Fallon last week averaged 1.23 million total viewers, while Kimmel averaged 1.204 million,” Mediaite reported Wednesday.

Adding to that, Mediaite said:

The Five averaged 3.3 million viewers and 461,000 demo viewers between April and June, meaning Gutfeld is seen by some 5 million viewers each day.

Known for his acerbic wit and hot takes – Wednesday he insisted Republicans should investigate Hunter Biden just for “petty revenge” if they retake the House – Gutfeld has certainly found an audience with his right-of-center comedy.

In fact, according again to Mediaite, the only MSM figure able to edge out Gutfeld was Colbert, who beat him in ratings. He thrashed all the others.

Meanwhile, things aren’t going all that well over at CNN, where, as BizPacReview noted, anchors are freaking out as ratings take a serious tumble. In that outlet’s words:

The leftist network had its smallest audience in 22 years on Friday among the coveted 25-54-year-old demographic, according to Fox News. It averaged a dismal 56,000 viewers in that slot. The last time CNN’s numbers were that bad was on July 10, 2000.

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On CNN’s no good, very bad Friday, the outlet also experienced its smallest weekday audience among all viewers since June of 2014. It averaged 283,000 viewers. It’s a miracle the network is even still on the air with those numbers.

Continuing, BPR noted that the woke and much-mocked Brian Stelter is doing horribly right now, saying:

The “woke” wizards of CNN are apparently in a death spiral and are in a race to see how low they can go if the rankings at TV Newser are to be believed.

“Stelter’s program was crushed by its timeslot competition on Fox News Channel, as ‘MediaBuzz’ averaged 1.2 million viewers and 176,000 from the range of adults age 25-54 to outdraw CNN by 185% among total viewers and 214% among the demo at 11 a.m. ET,” Flood reported, verifying that Stelter’s show is dead on arrival as far as viewership goes.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse or any more embarrassing for Stelter, he outdid himself.

“Reruns of ‘Family Matters,’ ‘Roseanne,’ ‘The Office,’ ‘Shark Tank’ and ‘Family Guy’ all outdrew Stelter’s program among the 25-54 demo, as did children’s programming such as ‘Peppa Pig’ and ‘Spongebob SquarePants.’ Over 5,000 cable telecasts topped ‘Reliable Sources’ in the demo last week,” Fox News reported, dealing a death blow to Stelter’s gigantic leftist ego.

Oh, and the New York Post is reporting that people within CNN are utterly panicking over the disaster that is the current state of CNN ratings.

“The problem is we are not a neutral country. The ratings are getting worse because they are taking out all the bells and whistles. CNN’s ratings are as bad as local news ratings,” a source within CNN told the New York Post.

“New management is not freaking out but everyone else at CNN is. They want to fix the shows first, but they don’t realize the shows and ratings are connected,” the source added.

Yikes. Now all that’s left is for Tucker to start laughing hysterically about CNN’s failure.

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