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LOL: Chris Wallace Humiliated as Show Tanks On CNN, Loses Big To His Former Network

Chris Wallace, former long-time host of Fox News Sunday, fled the perceived right-wing network once and for all last spring amid reports that on-air personalities like Tucker Carlson were making dialogue impossible and even threatening democracy.

He signed a lucrative deal with the hyped streaming service CNN+, only to see that career move bring in as few people as Joe Biden rally. CNN+ was shut down after just one month.

Now, Wallace can count himself as a twice-failed sellout. His newest show, Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, was absolutely destroyed in the ratings department.

Despite a cushy Sunday evening slot on the network – not the former failed streaming service, the actual network – Wallace struggled to engage with an audience.

RadarOnline reported that Look Who’s Talking mustered a miniscule audience size in the critical demographic group of 25-54. For comparison, someone like Greg Gutfeld captures almost 400,000 in just the key demo alone. Tucker Carlson gets almost half a million.

Chris Wallace’s much-hyped return to television with the debut of Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace scored a paltry 44,000 viewers in the all-important ratings category, has learned. 

The legendary broadcaster’s new show on CNN premiered on Sunday and was only able to deliver 401,000 viewers in the 7 PM/ET hour.

The piece further highlights the embarrassing reach of Wallace. Made abundantly clear is the fact that both Fox and CNN audiences want nothing to do with the aging, partisan host.

It points out that he has lost viewers in every category by a whopping double-digit margin.

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Wallace pulled in only 43,800 in the 25-54 age demo. To make matters worse, the program was down double digits across every category versus the 2022 average, according to early date from Nielsen Media Research. 

On Fox News, at the same time period, Trey Gowdy scored a massive 1.3 million viewers with his Sunday Night In America With Trey Gowdy show. His program had 78k in the key 25-54 age demo.

In fairness to the struggling Wallace, it isn’t like anything on CNN is palatable these days.

They are firing and demoting primetime hosts left and right; Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter, Don Lemon, and others have all been released or reassigned in the wake of imploding viewership. Whoever thought CNN thought hiring a Fox personality would suddenly make their audience consider them bipartisan deserves to be fired as well.

Back on Fox, there is hardly a moment executives and viewers alike must miss the infamously bad presidential debate host.

Shannon Bream took over for his slot and immediately made her mark. She is smart, sharp, and carries on adult conversations without resorting to attacking Donald Trump and the freedom-oriented MAGA movement. Since sitting in the Fox News Sunday chair, her ratings have catapulted and there has been no looking back.

Looking back on it, Chris Wallace is probably regretting this announcement, he should have just stuck with the good think he had going for him:

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Featured image screengrab from above YouTube clip showing recording of him announcing his leaving Fox News Channel