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LOL: California Patriots AMBUSH Biden Motorcade with Epic “Let’s Go Brandon” Chant [WATCH]

A hilarious video coming out of California shows a massive crowd of patriotic Trump supporters letting Biden have a piece of their mind!  Watch the video below.

The video has racked up nearly a million views on Benny Johnson’s twitter page, which has become very popular recently from sharing viral videos like the one above.

In the video, you can see a large crowd of angry Trump supporters letting Brandon know they’re tired of his nonsense with a plethora of anti-Biden and pro-Trump signage of full display.

At one point in the clip, Biden’s car moves into the shot where you see a man in a red MAGA hat run alongside the vehicle with a massive Trump 2024 flag and another saying “Let’s Go Brandon”.

Although, Biden is so senile he probably didn’t even know what was going on.  I doubt he even knew what state he was in.

It’s pleasantly surprising to see Californian Trump supporters embracing the epic chant, because you would think anyone who hasn’t already left the decaying state is a full-on communist.

Although, as we’ve seen this year, the “FJB” or “Let’s Go Brandon” mantra is truly the chant heard around, not just the country, but the entire world.

College football season started this year with stadiums around the country erupting with students and fans shouting the chant at the top of their lungs.

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Similarly, any type of concert that draws even a slightly conservative crowd will inevitably feature the chant, sometimes drawing the artist in as well.

Jill Biden made the mistake of making a public appearance at a Philadelphia Eagles game this past week, where she was met with an unapologetic, roaring “FJB” chant.

It was almost embarrassing to watch her try to ignored the furious crowd and play it off.

As previously mentioned, the chant is not exclusively heard in the United States, but also abroad, as Biden was met with a crowd of Brits shouting “let’s go Brandon” as his motorcade was arriving for the Queen’s funeral.

Of course the liberal establishment media will try to cover for the Biden administration and claim that many of the videos are misleading, however they cannot hide the disdain for the president so many people hold.

After all, that’s how the “LGB” variation of the chant was started.  At a Nascar race in 2021, the crowd was chanting “FJB” so loud it could be audibly heard through the broadcast, however, one of the commentators tried to downplay it by saying they were chanting “let’s go Brandon” for one of the drivers.

As we all know, that completely backfired and created another viral version of the anti-Biden slogan.

Hip-hop artist, Loza Alexander, then released a song title “Let’s Go Brandon” in 2021 that was so popular it topped charts, even reaching number one of the iTunes Store Top Hip-Hop/Rap Songs list.

These catchy slogans are such a palpable manifestation of the undeniable frustration much of America feels toward Joe Biden.


-Macro Conservative


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