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LOL: Cackling Kamala’s Unpopularity BRUTALLY Exposed by DNC Fundraiser Failure

Prices are rising for seemingly everything right now. A gallon of gas costs a painfully large amount, food is getting costlier and rumors abound that a food shortage will soon hit the world because of fuel and fertilizer prices, and the CPI was increasing by the largest amount in over 40 years as of May.

But there’s one area of the economy that hasn’t been hit by inflation, and is in fact deflating: that would be the market for tickets to Democratic fundraisers, particularly ones in which Kamala is involved.

News on that comes from Fox News, which reported that the vapid vice president was meant to appear as a headliner for the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum, with tickets for a photo with Vice President Harris supposed to cost a whopping $15,000, or just enough to fill up the average Smart car under Joe Biden’s presidency.

In a totally unsurprising turn of events, however, there were nowhere near enough donors willing to shell out five figures to take a picture with the vice president that’s known mainly for cackling, so the event had to be postponed.

Fortunately for those who want to waste a few thousand dollars but only have four rather than five figures to blow on listening to some cackling, it appears there’s been a bit of price deflation in the “photo with the Vice President” market, with tickets for a photo opportunity with Kamala in her home state of California now costing “only” five thousand dollars.

Tara Palmeri of Puck News pointed that out on Twitter, saying:

DNC is slashing prices for a photo w/ Kamala Harris. Tickets for a photo with the VP at the Women’s Leadership Forum started at $15,000, but it failed to sell enough tickets & is being postponed. VP’s June fundraiser in Cali is charging $5,000 for a photo

66% deflation, now that’s what America could use to recover from the Bidenflation disaster! If only that deflation were happening in gas and food prices rather than in the “photo op with Vice President Harris and her incessant cackling” category.

In any case, DNC deputy communications director Daniel Wessel spoke to Fox News Digital about the fundraiser cost situation, saying:

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As has always been the case, there are a variety of ticket levels for every event as is pretty standard for finance events.

“We’ve raised record amounts of money with help from both Vice President Harris and President Biden, so we’re going to continue to do what clearly works well for the party and our donors.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the RNC had a different opinion on the matter, saying:

Democrats focused on fighting skyrocketing costs facing Americans like they do cutting prices on a photo with Kamala Harris, inflation wouldn’t be a problem.”

In either case, at least deflation is finally happening in one part of the economy. Now it just needs to happen to the parts worth more than a warm bucket of spit.

And, outside of the whole inflation, deflation, and money issue, the situation shows the brutal Catch-22 that having an unpopular and senile but intent on holding onto power and maybe even running again Biden and unpopular by striver Kamala has forced the Democrats into.

On one hand, they have Grandpa Badfinger, as Kurt Schlichter calls him, and his three or so brain cells. They can hope he holds it together long enough to beat the bad orange man, and unpopular as he is, at least he’s not Kamala. But, if they boost him too much and then he doesn’t run, then Kamala won’t look great and all the effort sunk into him will have been avoided.

On the other hand, there’s Kamala, who no one wants to take a picture with and is just terrible on every level. But she’s not senile, so there’s that. Problem is, if she rises in power or influence she could try to 25th Amendment Biden and force him from power, which Dems might not want given that she’s so unpopular.

So that’s a problem, one that Kamala has exposed quite well.

But best of all is that almost no one paid for the picture opportunity, which is just hilarious.

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