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LOL: Attempt to Use 115k EV Hummer to Tow Camper Ends Miserably 120 Miles Later, Diesel Truck Wins Contest Easily

You might think that if you spent over $100,000 on an electric truck like the new electric version of the Hummer, you’d at least be able to use it to tow something like a camper that the average, combustion-powered truck costing that much could easily pull around for a few hundred miles.

But you’d be thinking wrong: a journalist just tried to do just that and it didn’t go well.

They hitched a camper up to a $115,000 EV Hummer and to a traditional, Cummins diesel engine Dodge Ram truck, which might be the best diesel engine on the market. The diesel-powered Ram, of course, blew the Hummer out of the water.

Watch that here:

The Western Journal, reporting on the test and how it turned out, noted that:

With the Ram at a full tank and the Hummer at a full charge with its computer estimating 327 miles of range, the competitors left Boulder, Colorado, heading northeast on Interstate 76 toward Fort Morgan, with hopes of making it all the way to Ogallala, Nebraska, a road trip of 227 miles.

Each truck drove 70 mph while on the interstate and showed inefficiencies caused by the poor aerodynamics of the boxy trailers they were towing. Without a trailer, the Hummer is able to reach its EPA-rated 329 range, according to FLT.

About 80 miles down the road, with 150 miles remaining to an electric charger at Ogallala, it became evident the Hummer could not take the trailer that far.

So at least the Hummer made it 80 miles, which is about the same as the Ford Lightning (the electric version of the F-150), which also started having problems at around that distance.

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In any case, the team then had to deal with recharging the EV Hummer, which presented a bit of a problem. Why? Because after realizing that the Hummer couldn’t make it to the original, goal destination, they decided to drive a bit past Fort Morgan and then turn around to recharge at Fort Morgan.

But, once past it, they realized that the Hummer and its rapidly falling charge might not be able to make it to Fort Morgan and that even if it did, the right charger might not be present there to speedily charge the EV Hummer. Without the proper charger, it can take four days to charge.

The Hummer was, as you can watch in the video, eventually able to make it back to Fort Morgan and charge in about 30 minutes on a 350 kilowatt charger, though using that charger required unhitching the trailer. It had gone about 120 miles in total before being recharged, which is better than the Ford Lightning but not that great when compared to combustion-powered trucks. Who wants to spend 30 minutes recharging every 120 miles, or about two hours of drive time?

The Ram, meanwhile, made it about twice as far as the Hummer and had plenty of fuel left to continue moving when it had made it that far. So it won hands down, though its fuel cost was more expensive.

By: Gen Z Conservative