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LOL: AOC Gets DEMOLISHED During Hilarious Twitter Spat with Matt Gaetz

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida recently made an interesting point about a leftist Congressman, Rep. Raskin, when discussing him with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, saying that the leftist representative is unable to do his job in Congress because of his son’s suicide:

No one would ever want to lose a child, particularly to suicide, and as a human being our hearts go out to him. I think that he takes that trauma and he associates it now with his work in the Congress in such an interwoven way that he’s unable to do the Congressional experience outside of the dungeon of that personal trauma.

He then went on to say that  he thinks the suicide has made Raskin “look at everything in these very dark and severe ways” and that it “clouds his judgment.”

Watch that here:

Given Raskin’s recent, wild claims about January 6th, Gaetz might well be right. Even if he’s not, it’s a far enough concern to bring up, and Gaetz was hardly gloating over Raskin; rather, he was just pointing out the obvious about how a sad event might have impacted his political views or current actions in DC.

Giving a bit of context on the spat and background on the suicide, Business Insider notes that:

Raskin, who has served in Congress since 2017, lost his 25-year-old son, Tommy, to suicide in 2020. The Maryland Representative and his wife published a tribute to their son’s life days after his death. Raskin also invoked the loss of his son in early 2021 when explaining why he decided to serve as an impeachment manager for former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment: “I’m not going to lose my son at the end of 2020 and lose my country and my republic in 2021.”

So the suicide has, in fact, impacted Raskin’s actions and political decisions, making Gaetz’s point seem even more valid and worth thinking about.

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Well, AOC wasn’t happey about that. She and her seven or so brain cells were quite incensed, actually, so she attempted to attack Gaetz and “wreck” him on Twitter. But she’s not the brightest bulb in even the state-owned hardware store of her socialist utopia, so this is all she came up with:

.@RepRaskinis a greater statesman, Congressman, human being than most of us. History will remember him. Tommy was a remarkable person and testament of his parents’ love.

Gaetz is a bad haircut in a cheap suit, a feat of mediocrity given that he’s here on papa’s money. Bye 👋🏽

Not particularly clever insults, and Gaetz, whatever his sources of funding, is popular with the GOP because of his MAGA stance, not because of any Jeb! Bush-like family funding.

And so AOC got shredded, perhaps best of all by Gaetz, then by others. Gaetz, responding to AOC by throwing her “Republicans just want to date me” line back at her like Elon did, said:

1. A lot of people like my hair.

2. My suits are cheap. Not sorry.

3. Stop trying to date me. I’m married.

Another saidI’ll vote for these 2 anyday. You AOC, not a chance. Bad follows you.”

Still another saidIt’s better to be a good man in a cheap suit than a cheap girl in an expensive dress.“, a reference to AOC’s infamous multi-thousand dollar “tax the rich” dress.

Then there was this reply, summing up how many feel about AOC and her ilk quite well: “You’re here on Soros money and your the waitress that brings nothing to the table, you always wear cheap clothing and your fucking communist scum, maybe you should just fuck off .

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Rep. Gaetz image By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America – Matt Gaetz, CC BY-SA 2.0,