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LOL: Anthem-Hater Brittney Griner So “Distressed” Over 9-Year Sentence in “Penal Colony,” She’s Unable to Speak

Want something that might cheer you up a bit as Biden and his clown-like gallery of demented fools plunge the US into what they’re claiming is definitely, not at all, certainly can’t be defined as a recession? Well, here’s something that might put a smile on your face: Brittney Griner, the America hating athlete caught trying to smuggle drugs into Russia, is apparently so upset that she’s unable to speak.

Now, she probably should have seen this coming: she got caught smuggling hash oil into Russia, which is hardly the best of decisions given that the Russian Federation takes its laws a good bit more seriously than the Democrats and their soft-on-crime prosecutors do.

But, apparently, she wasn’t quite ready for what happened and was so shocked by being sentenced to 9 years in a Russian penal colony that she can’t speak.

And what exactly is a Russian penal colony? Read The Gulag Archipelago to find out, though things under Putin are no way near as bad as they were under Stalin, obviously.

But, still, conditions are pretty bad in such penal colonies. The New York Times, reporting on the Russian penal colonies, described them this way: Some prisoners are tortured or beaten by fellow inmates. Some have to work 16-hour days doing hard labor or other unenviable jobs. A few are forced to watch Russian propaganda on repeat (but is watching videos of a shirtless Putin riding a horse really that bad?).

So that’s the world that America-bashing Brittney Griner is about to be sent to for nine long years, which probably makes the American national anthem (which she protested against by refusing to appear on court) not really seem all that bad.

And apparently she’s disturbed enough by her change in circumstances from being a pampered and praised woke athlete to a locked up prisoner in Putin’s prison colonies that she can’t even speak.

News on that comes from the Daily Mail, which reported that Brittney Griner’s attorney Maria Blagovolina has said her client is ‘very upset’ and can ‘hardly talk’ following Thursday’s sentence in which she was given nine years in a penal colony. ‘She is very upset, very stressed,’ Blagovolina said to reporters. ‘She can hardly talk, honestly. So it’s a difficult time for her.’ ‘When we saw Brittney, I think it was Tuesday, we told her, ‘see you on Thursday’. And she said, ‘see you on doomsday’ so it looks like she was right,’ Blagovolina said.

So I guess she can’t talk a bit, but not much. Certainly not enough to spout off on how horrible America is.

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Griner’s defense attorneys are planning to appeal the verdict and she now had 10 days in which to do so, with a hearing expected next week. Out of the 692 prisons in Russia, 684 are penal colonies which are described as a ‘settlement established for punishing criminals by forced labor and isolation from society.’ Perhaps they’ll teach Griner how good she had it dribbling a ball in America.

The usual suspects have panicked over Griner having to serve the time for doing the crime, of course. Her coach said the sentence was “devastating,” Brandon is pledging to spring her from the clink, which apparently now means offering up a Russian arms dealer in exchange for the admittedly guilty hash-smuggling Griner, and the leftists on Twitter are going berserk.

Maybe they’ll engage in some introspection and realize America isn’t all that bad after all, though that seems a bit much to expect from the left.

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