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LOL: America Rejects Woke Hollywood as Emmy Viewership Hits All-Time Low

Woke Hollywood has flopped with “TV’s biggest night” this year as the 2022 Emmys received their smallest viewership in the history of the televising of this event.

The Emmy Awards were hosted by Kenan Thompson, of Saturday Night Live fame, yet still only managed an abysmal 5.9 million viewers on NBC Monday Night.

These numbers come courtesy of an early report from Nielsen, which publishes viewership number for many live events.

This years small viewership constituted a whopping 25% decrease in total viewership for the award show compared to last year total.

The second worst year for the Emmy’s was 2020, which saw a modified all-remote version of the Hollywood celebration. That edition of the Emmy’s received 6.37 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

After a slight rebound in 2021, the show seems to be continuing to decline as the public finds more alternatives to live TV.

Streaming services have undoubtedly cut sharply into the viewership numbers of events such as this, as watchers are more able to just directly to the content they most desire. Gone are the days of settling for the best thing that is being aired at a given time.

Many viewers who chose to tune into the show found themselves disappointed at the production value of this primetime event.

Shaky cameramen and sound that was not properly synched plagued the broadcast, sending twitter users into a frenzy on Monday night.

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One viewer had to turn off the Emmy’s, saying “the camera is so shaky – it’s making me sick.”

Other users saw this as an opportunity to get their foot in the door in Hollywood, sarcastically.

“I would like to offer my services as a sound engineer. I couldn’t do any worse than the person doing it,” one man cajoled.

Adding to the many poor production decisions that were made on Monday night, an even worse mistake may have been choosing to air the show on a Monday at all.

The Emmy’s were tasked with going toe-to-toe with Monday Night Football, a giant that very few live broadcasts could ever dream of competing against.

“What kinda braindead decision was it to schedule the Emmys to be on the first Monday Night Football of the season? Couldn’t have done it a week earlier? Shows about to have 13 viewers tonight,” one person Tweeted.

These Emmys weren’t without their own controversy, as many viewers found ways to target the show for lack of inclusivity and a showing a white privilege.

Despite many performers of color winning awards on Monday, it was not enough for some in attendance who believed that Hollywood does not do enough to help battle racial injustice.

No matter how you look at it, Monday appears to be a referendum on the influence that Hollywood tries to maintain over the western world.

As Hollywood attempts to paint itself as the only true paragon of virtue remaining on our planet, viewers have pushed back and refuse to be lectured for hours on end.

This drop in rating will likely serve as a wakeup call to Hollywood, as they risk getting rejected on a national scale.

By: Goose