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Liz Warren Raises Eyebrows, Sides against Responsibility with Insane Take on Student Loan Debt

Many Americans scrimped and save to pay their way through college, or to pay off their debt after they graduated. They were and are responsible, disciplined, and honorable enough to understand that when you take out a loan you should pay it back.

Democrats, however, just can’t seem to get their minds around the idea that you shouldn’t take out money that you can’t pay back and that, if you do take out too large of a loan, you should do everything possible to try and make enough to pay it off.

And so calls to punish responsibility by “forgiving” student loans have abounded, particularly from the socialist left, where radicals like AOC in the House and Pocahontas in the Senate have called for student loan forgiveness in a shameless attempt to buy off the university-educated.

Pocahontas, Liz Warren, did so recently when she appeared on The View and was asked:

“You’ve been fiercely advocating for the president to cancel student loan debts, but really only 13% of Americans even have federal student loan debt.

“So, is this really the best way to reach most voters, and also, what do you say to someone like me who worked two jobs for a decade to pay off all their student loans, just finished? Where do I sign up for reimbursement?

A surprisingly good question from The View. Liz Warren, as could be predicted, gave the worst, most ridiculous response possible, saying that it’s “fair” to punish the responsible by paying off the loans of the irresponsible.

Speaking on that, she said:

“So, let’s start out with who has student loans today, about 40% of the folks with student loans don’t have a college diploma.

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“They’re folks who tried and life happened. Pregnancies, they were already working two jobs and lost one of them, mom got sick, family had to move somewhere else, and now they earn what a high school grad earns and they’re trying to pay off college-level debt, and it is crushing their bones. Keep in mind that, of those who have student loan debt, more than half have negative wealth. They don’t have any wealth.

“You know that right now there are tens of thousands of people who are living on Social Security who are having their Social Security checks garnished to pay student loans.

And so, this, for me, is a question of fairness. There was a time in America when we invested in our public colleges and universities. That’s how I could go to a college that cost $50 a semester and pay for it on part-time jobs, but today, that option is not out there for our young people. So, this is about saying, look, it’s tough, we understand that. We want to invest in you. We want to invest in your getting an education.”

Ridiculous. She didn’t answer the question, didn’t say why those who responsibly paid off their loans should be punished by the government for doing so. No, she just went on a ridiculous rant about “fairness” while trying to pull on the heartstrings with edge issues.

Student loan “forgiveness” is fundamentally unfair: it punishes the responsible. Liz and her fellow cronies need to be confronted with that truth.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.