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Lindsey Graham Sold Out to the Corrupt Establishment

Lindsey Graham Sold Out: He Won’t Back Cruz’s Election Commission

Well, it happened yet again. Lindsey Graham sold out to the corrupt and cowardly GOP establishment that has stabbed Trump in the back.

According to a recent statement from Senator Graham, he won’t support the election commission that a number of his Republican colleagues in the Senate are pushing for because it is a “late date” and it is his opinion that it won’t “[become] reality.” Senators Cruz and Hawley, along with 9 other senators are pushing for that commission because they see it as the solution to the 2020 election. Graham announced his opposition to such commission in this tweet from 1/3/2021:

lindsey graham sold out

Now, why is that statement from Graham important? Is it really true that Lindsey Graham sold out, or is he just saying that Cruz’s election commission idea won’t work?

Make no mistake, Lindsey Graham sold out. It might be his opinion that it “has zero chance of becoming reality,” but that will only be the case if Republicans like him refuse to do the right but difficult thing and support it.

The commission that he denigrated in that tweet is President Trump’s last chance. Last used in 1876, it would empower Congress to investigate and possibly overturn the election results. Here’s what Senator Cruz had to say about the commission and what it would do:

“Congress should immediately appoint an Electoral Commission, with full investigatory and fact-finding authority, to conduct an emergency 10-day audit of the election returns in the disputed states. Once completed, individual states would evaluate the commission’s findings and could convene a special legislative session to certify a change in their vote, if needed.”

Tens of millions of Americans are concerned about the integrity of the election. Close to ~50% think it was fraudulent.

This election commission could be the remedy to that problematic perception. It would expose the fraud, or the lack thereof. It would keep Trump in the White House if he really won, or help Biden enter the White House with some degree of legitimacy if he is, in fact, the winner.

The election commission would be good for conservatives, liberals, and everyone in between because it would expose the truth and restore legitimacy to our political process.

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Additionally, whatever issues it exposes could be corrected before the 2022 elections, thus preventing the need for such a commission in the future and hopefully ensuring that accusations of fraud would not permanently weigh on our elections.

That’s why it is important that Lindsey Graham sold out by attacking the election commission and withholding his support from it. By doing so, he didn’t only potentially sink Trump’s last chance at remaining in office. He also destroyed what might be the last chance to make America’s elections fair again.

If the Democrats enter office without the concerns of the 2020 election being either recognized or disproved, then a cloud of illegitimacy will hang over not just Biden’s years in office, but every election in the future. Everyone who thinks this election was compromised, almost half of the American electorate, will completely lose faith in America’s electoral and political systems.

At this point, the only way that can be averted is by Congress seriously investigating the election results. Every American politician that values honor and integrity (which should be, at the very least, every Republican) needs to push for the creation of such a commission.

But it probably won’t happen. Because Lindsey Graham sold out, it’s unlikely that Republicans will be able to garner enough votes to establish the election commission.

Yes, Graham is right that it’s late in the process to create an election commission. But why is the fact that we have little time left a reason to do nothing at all? Is it not instead a reason to push for the immediate establishment of such a commission, thus giving it as much time as possible to investigate the election?

Lindsey Graham sold out when he should have stood up. At this point, why are we even surprised?

It’s Just Another Example of Graham’s Weak Constitution

The fact that Lindsey Graham sold out to McConnell and the others is disappointing but not surprising. It’s indicative of his past actions and should inform our future opinion of him, whatever his future actions and statements may be.

At times, he’s fire-breathing conservative here to destroy the left and further conservative principles. At other times, he’s little better than the late Senator McCain or Senator Romney.

Because of that constant change, the conservative movement often changes its mid about Lindsey Graham.

At some points, it’s mostly behind him because he seems to stand for conservatism. When he stood up for Brett Kavanaugh during that horrific, contentious, and disgraceful confirmation hearing, lots of conservatives stepped up and praised Lindsey Graham. He seemed like the type of fighter we’re always hoping and praying for; someone who would say “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” and fight conservative policies and principles.

But, at other times, he seems like a RINO and is the recipient of prodigious amounts of wrath from the right; his stances on continuing the forever wars in the Middle East are the best example of his RINO tendencies.

In my view, both praise and condemnation of him are often overblown because our expectations of him are far too lofty. Yes, at times Graham is better than most in the GOP and at other times he is far worse. But too many conservatives act as if he betrays them when he suddenly supports some RINO policy, which isn’t really the case. Yes, he shouldn’t support RINO policies, no GOP politicians should, but it’s not a betrayal for him to do so. Why not? Because he’s a RINO that we can’t expect to behave any differently.

As this recent example, the fact that Lindsey Graham sold out to the corrupt GOP establishment, shows, Graham just blows with the wind.

When it’s popular for him to do so, he stands up for conservatism. The Brett Kavanaugh example is case in point of that; many members of the Republican coalition were crying out for someone, anyone, to stand up for Kavanaugh and Graham finally did. But only after he saw that doing so would be popular with a large chunk of the Republican coalition.

Ditto that for wars of intervention in the Middle East that RINOs such as Graham like. He doesn’t defend them all the time, only when it’s popular. If there’s been a massacre in some hellhole over there, a terrorist attack in the West, or a up and coming terrorist group taking territory, then Americans suddenly (and briefly) support more intervention and fronts in the Global War on Terror. When support for those wars rises, Graham is there to support new wars. We shouldn’t be surprised that he won’t oppose interventionist policies, as conservatives should. He’s just blowing with the wind, as always.

My point in all that is that the fact that Lindsey Graham sold out to the corrupt establishment shouldn’t be surprising to conservatives at this point. Graham is not a reliable ally of conservatism, and we need to remember that. We should support him when he defends conservatism and attack him when he doesn’t, but we should stop waste time, words, and money on him. He’s not worth it because he doesn’t view us or the conservative movement as worthy of his time or support.

I’m Not Being Overly Harsh: The Fact that Lindsey Graham Sold Out to the RINOs Yet Again is Very Important

McConnell gave up on Trump early on in this process. So did most of the other RINO-type GOP politicians. Not wanting to stand up to a threatening enemy, they decided to bend the knee rather than enter the Thunderdome and fight the culture war, whatever the cost. They refused to “walk toward the fire,” as Andrew Breitbart said to do. When I indicated that I thought Lindsey Graham would join them in doing so, I received a good amount of hate mail for saying so.

Well, I told you so. Lindsey Graham sold out to the establishment by refusing to back the election commission and in so doing betrayed Trump, conservative voters, and America.

Churchill once said this in Parliament of former Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald:

“I remember when I was a child, being taken to the celebrated Barnum’s Circus, which contained an exhibition of freaks and monstrosities, but the exhibit on the programme which I most desired to see was the one described as “The Boneless Wonder”. My parents judged that the spectacle would be too demoralising and revolting for my youthful eye and I have waited fifty years, to see the The Boneless Wonder sitting on the Treasury Bench.“

Does it remind you of anyone else? Sen. Graham, perhaps? It’s what immediately came to my mind when I saw that Lindsey Graham sold out to the establishment. He’s the GOP’s “Boneless Wonder.”

Remember that in the future. He’ll try to pretend at some later date that he’s a real conservative again. Perhaps he’ll stand up for a Republican judge. Maybe he’ll go on the offensive against some radical leftist policy. But, whatever he does, he’s not a real conservative. He’s just blowing with the wind and trying to attract a few more supporters by doing what is popular rather than what is difficult but necessary. Don’t trust Lindsey Graham.

By: Gen Z Conservative