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RINO Lindsey Graham Backs Brandon’s Black Woman for SCOTUS Pledge

Lindsey Graham, the “Republican” Senator from South Carolina, likes to pretend that he’s one of those rock-ribbed conservatives fighting for our rights.

Whenever he has time to prepare an act and make ready an excuse for not taking real action, he’ll be the loudest-mouth conservative there it, jabbering on and on about how he’s just around the corner from really taking a hammer to the left.

Of course, it’s all an act, as Lindsey shows us whenever he speaks off the cuff or sees an opportunity to flash his “bipartisanship” or “diversity” credentials.

The diversity opportunity came up recently, when Justice Breyer decided to retire and President Brandon affirmed his 2020 pledge to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court if he got the opportunity.

Sensing an opportunity to ingratiate himself to those who would never in a million years vote for him, Lindsey took to the airwaves to present himself as a bloviating idiot that cares deeply about diversity that’s literally skin deep. Watch him here:

As you can watch in the video, Graham appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” (it’s never a good sign when a “conservative” appears on an MSM show) and told moderator Margaret Brennan that he is supportive of Brandon’s pledge to put a minority in Justice Breyer’s former seat, saying:

Put me in the camp of making sure the court and other institutions look like America. You know, we make a real effort as Republicans to recruit women and people of color to make the party look more like America. Affirmative action is picking somebody not as well qualified for past wrongs.

He then went on to praise likely pick Michelle Childs, saying:

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Michelle Childs is incredibly qualified. There’s no affirmative action component if you pick her.

I can’t think of a better person for President Biden to consider for the Supreme Court then Michelle Childs. She has wide support in our state. She’s considered to be a fair-minded, highly gifted jurist. She’s one of the most decent people I’ve ever met. It would be good for the court to have somebody who’s not at Harvard or Yale.

Later, speaking on Childs again, Graham continued to praise the leftist judge, saying:

I don’t see Michelle Childs as an act of affirmative action. I do see putting a Black woman on the court making the court more like America. In the history of our country, we’ve only had five women serve and two African-American men.

Of course, Graham’s claims are absurd. It is 100% affirmative action to choose some group you don’t think has gotten enough air time and picking purely from that group, forgetting about merit and laws against racial discrimination in the process, just so that someone from that demographic can be involved.

Further, the “making sure the court and other institutions look like America” claim is utterly ridiculous. America is 13 percent black. Justice Thomas is one of nine judges and he is black. That means the court is just over 11 percent black, which is close enough and certainly closer to 13% than 22% is.

And if Senator Graham is so worried about making the court look like America, why not blow it up to 1,000, or maybe even 10,000, justices and picking some from each and every possible demographic in their exact proportions to the population? Justice won’t be served until the correct number of two-spirit Pacific Islanders serve alongside the exactly correct proportion of gay Americans of Serbian ancestry. SCOTUS needs to look like America, after all!

Graham’s comments are absurd when examined; it is affirmative action to pick a candidate purely on the basis of race and gender and the court should be composed of the best and brightest judges, not some rainbow coalition of affirmative action picks.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.