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Liberty without Capitalism is Impossible

The Quote on Why Liberty without Capitalism is Impossible

“Capitalism. Capitalism. You cannot have liberty without capitalism.” -Mark Levin on Why Liberty without Capitalism is Impossible

My Thoughts on Liberty and Capitalism

Far too few people in America would agree with this quotation by Mark Levin on why liberty without capitalism is impossible. They’ve never read The Wealth of Nations, Atlas Shrugged, or Capitalism and Freedom. Nor have they read other defenses of capitalism and the liberty it brings and attacks on the authoritarianism socialism brings such as The Road to Serfdom, Socialism Sucks, and The Case Against Socialism. Instead, they just listen to talking heads on TV or read almost unintelligible op-eds in the New York Times. Or, even worse, they listen to and believe communists like Bernie Sanders.

As a result, capitalism’s popularity in America is falling and socialism’s popularity is rising. Modern socialists (who don’t really even understand socialism) attack capitalism for its perceived failures without realizing that what they’re really attacking is corporatism.

Similarly, their far-left political leaders propose ever more ambitious welfare policies as a way to bribe potential voters. It’s all absurd; we’re gradually sacrificing liberty for safety. And that’s not even physical safety I’m talking about, but temporary economic security! Precious liberty is being squandered so that millennials can temporarily have somewhat more comfortable lives. It’s absurd.

How on Earth did we get to this point?! Capitalism is one of the greatest systems yet devised. It allows us to receive rewards (wealth) commiserate with the talent, energy, and ingenuity we expend. Furthermore, it means that liberty rules, not the government. With socialism and Big Government, there is no choice involved. Instead of choice, the government decides what you will receive and in what quantity, however arbitrary. The recent $1200 “stimulus” welfare package is an example of that. Conversely, with capitalism and an unleashed free market, you can do whatever you want and your actions determine what you can buy. If you want to ruin your life with drugs, early pregnancy, or dropping out of school, then you’re free to do that; you have to face the consequences of that. Those consequences are well described in Coming Apart by Charles Murray.

And, to be completely honest, that’s what the left hates. They hate that people might have to own up to their actions and deal with them. Liberals would rather have a nanny state where no good or bad decisions really matter because everything is equalized by the government. That’s ridiculous and unjust; as Ayn Rand says in her quote on pity, we can’t be just and have pity on wrongdoers at the same time.

So, why is it true that liberty without capitalism impossible? Because capitalism gives you choice, whatever use you make of it, whereas socialism provides arbitrary tyranny.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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