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Liberty, Safety, and Covid

My Take on Liberty, Safety, and the Chinese Flu

I’ve already written about the outstanding Benjamin Franklin quotation on liberty and safety used in the above meme, so I won’t spend time discussing it again. I’d recommend you check out that article to see my analysis of it, but, if you don’t have time, it’s a pretty self-explanatory quotation. Americans should desire liberty, not safety. Unfortunately, far too few Americans seem to remember it now that we’re dealing with the bat soup flu pandemic, which is why I’m writing today about liberty, safety, and the Chinese flu.

People are always irrational. The stock market, as those who understand the importance of investing know, is usually irrationally high or inexplicably low. It is rarely at the “perfectly valued” price. If people were rational, it would be. But they are not. As Billy Currington sings, “people are crazy.” Similarly, the public is either idiotically complacent about what’s happening, or irrationally concerned about relative non-issues.

Gun control is one example of the irrationality that prevails on both sides.

On the conservative side, we’re either far too complacent about government attempts to confiscate our firearms, such as gun “buybacks” and red flag laws, or we panic over the potential for ridiculous policies that will likely not happen. Remember when .22lr ammo was sold out for years? Why were people so worried about getting .22lr ammo that they bought huge amounts of it at incredibly marked up prices? It is not as if the government is all that worried about your .22lr squirrel gun…

But at the same time, we have let our defense of the guns that do matter- AR-15s and the effectiveness-enhancing accessories that can go on them- slip. Bump stocks have been banned, larger magazines are banned in some states, and even some types of ammunition have been banned! That is crazy. The 2nd Amendment says “shall not be infringed.” Not “shall not be infringed unless we are scared.” Conservatives and 2nd Amendment advocates need to be rational and worry about the real issues, not non-issues.

Liberals, of course, are completely irrational about gun rights and want to take our guns because they believe gun control lies, especially ones about rifles, and don’t understand that death by assault rifle if very rare. As usual, the best course is somewhere in-between the two extremes of the conservative ones. We should remain vigilant to ensure we don’t lose our freedoms, but also keep a realistic mindset and not act like crazy people.

So, how does that relate to liberty, safety, and the Chinese flu? Because what’s happening with this pandemic is similar to what happens after a mass shooting. Never ones to let a crisis go to waste, the Democrats are prioritizing safety at any cost and pushing for absurd restrictions to the free market that will destroy our economy. Sadly, many Republicans have gone along with that and are pushing for yet more government spending. They’re like the defectors who support attempts at gun control after a mass shooting.

On the other side, many of those at high risk, such as elderly Americans with pre-existing conditions, are acting far too complacent and still going out unnecessarily; they understand they have the liberty to do what they want (which is a good thing), but don’t seem to understand that maybe they should protect that liberty by voluntarily staying at home so the liberty of others isn’t restricted to protect them. They’re like the Americans who support firearm rights but are unwilling to do anything to protect those rights because going to a 2nd Amendment rally would inconvenience them.

What should Americans do about Coronavirus? Keep the above Franklin quotation in mind, but remain smart about exercising their liberty. We shouldn’t push for more government control, such as forcing everyone to wear masks; that would be absurd and is the road to serfdom. But, at the same time, we should use our minds and stay at home if high risk or sick so that others can go about their daily lives.

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Yes, we should all fight for and cherish our liberty. The government has no Constitutional power to make us stay at home our close businesses. And people who don’t understand that don’t deserve the liberty they have or the safety restrictions on their liberty would potentially provide.

But, at the same time, we can’t be idiots. Government control is largely justified by the idea our bureaucratic elites have that they know what is best for the common man and he doesn’t know what is best for himself. The best way to combat that idea is to act rationally. Stay at home voluntarily if you are sick or at a high risk of dying from the Chinese flu.

Otherwise, the elite will feel justified in restricting everyone’s liberty. It might be annoying, but it is the best way to ensure that we do not have do deal with further tyrannical policies put in place to restrain our liberty in the name of safety. Democrats want control; we should not give them an excuse to have it.

That’s what I think about the relationship between liberty, safety, and the Chinese flu. If you have other thoughts, please leave them in the comments below and please share this article using the share buttons so that others can think about the 2020 confluence of liberty, safety, and the Chinese Flu!

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook