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Liberal Students and Liberal Professors

My Take on Liberal Students and Liberal Professors:

One theme I have touched on frequently is the far-left nature of many universities today. While there are conservative college students such as myself, we are generally outnumbered by our fellow liberal students and liberal professors. Those students like to portray themselves as free-thinking when compared to us stodgy, old-fashioned conservatives. But, are they really all that free-thinking? No, not at all. They just bow to the stale, failed socialist ideas of their Marxist professors. Hence why the Democratic Party is quickly becoming a party of Marxism.

Because of the symbiotic relationship between liberal students and liberal professors, their ideas are just recycled ideas from left-wing professors. The confluence of so many liberal students and professors means that many colleges are echo-chambers where the ideas become stale as no one comes up with anything other than idiotic ideas originally brought up on college campuses in the 1960s and 70s.

In “Free Speech on College Campuses” and “Socialism on College Campuses,” I said that many professors are enablers of their liberal students. While that is accurate, upon further reflection I decided that it isn’t really the whole truth. What is the whole truth? Liberal students and liberal professors enable each other and feed off of each other’s rhetoric.

Instead of even challenging each other’s viewpoints in a mutually beneficial way, they just constantly agree with each other. Both groups feed off of agreement and hate dissent, so it makes sense that there is no disagreement. But still, it’s obvious and sad.

Debating opposing, or at least marginally different, views is the way to discover truth and develop good arguments. Blind, sycophantic agreement is not. Unfortunately, the situation at many universities (unless free speech from conservative students is allowed) much more resembles an echo chamber than a debate hall.

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How they Feed of Each Other’s Rhetoric and Ideology:

Here’s a typical classroom scene so that you can understand the typical interaction between liberal students and liberal professors. First, a liberal professor makes an outlandish and obviously incorrect claim, such as that the Soviet system wasn’t “real communism.”

Then, the liberal students start to agree with the professor and bring up increasingly eccentric ideas to support that statement. All heads nod in agreement. Next, a conservative student airs his or her dissent and point out why the professor’s point might be incorrect. Finally, the room goes mad and liberal students rush to explain not why they are correct, but why dissent is “hate speech” or exemplifies “far-right extremism.”

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. The point of a college education is to learn how to think. Most of what to look for in a university is finding a place that will let you air dissent and debate views rather than shut down any points of contention that you might have. Unfortunately, because of the dynamic created by the relationship between liberal students and professors, the number of universities where free speech is respected is small and only getting smaller.

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Instead of teaching you how to think, many places only teach you how to agree. Well, I suppose “only” isn’t the correct word. They also teach you to fear dissenting because your name will be slandered and your peers might hate you or attack you. That’s the effect of political segregation on college campuses and it is quite sad. Hopefully we will recover from it soon and free speech can return as inane virtue signaling retreats.


Liberal students and liberal professors often work together to silence free speech in the classroom and feel validated in their extremist ideas. That is a problem and is mainly based on their inclination to silence conservative students. Why do they want to silence us?

Because the leftist professors know that their ideas are not that great, but still want to force a new generation of liberal students to believe in those ideas. If we are able to speak out and talk some sense into our peers, then the virus of socialism does not have a new host to implant itself in. So, those leftist professors know that they need to silence their conservative students.

To do so, they have formed an unholy alliance with campus radicals. The radicals scream at, and sometimes physically attack, conservative students. In return, the professors give them the cover to do so and help get them out of disciplinary proceedings. For example, I was put on a “hit list” the campus leftists created. What did the school do when it found out? Nothing. It just swept it under the rug, probably at the behest of leftist professors and administrators that were covering for their radical students. That unholy alliance of liberal professors and radical, violent leftist students is destroying colleges.

Instead of learning how to silence political opponents, I think that the liberal students on college campuses should be learning how to debate and disagree in a respectful way, rather than learn how to nod like mute sheep. But that’s just my opinion, what’s yours?

By: Gen Z Conservative

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