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Liberal Racism is Blatantly Obvious


Democrats like to pretend that they are perfect and would never even consider having racist thoughts. Despite the actions of Ralph Northam, Robert Byrd, Joe Biden, and others, the left pretends that it is completely and totally racially “woke.” At the same time, it accuses all Americans, and especially President Trump, of being racist. That’s an outright lie that is dangerous as it is baseless. In fact, liberal racism is becoming more and more obvious as the days go on and the left just keeps digging deeper into the hole of racial grievance politics.

The examples of liberal racism abound. For one, there’s the history of the Democratic Party, the party behind slavery, Jim Crow, and the party that led the fight against deregulation. Republicans, on the other hand, were the party of Lincoln and the party of desegregation. But that’s all just history, perhaps it’s not relevant any more, right?

Wrong. Liberal racism is as prevalent as ever in America right now. Cowardly Republican legislators might be willing to admit that or speak openly about it for fear of being canceled. However, not all conservatives are. One such brave conservative committed to the truth is David Marcus of The Federalist, who recently wrote an article entitled “The Progressive Left is Becoming Blatantly Racist.” It’s an excellent article and one that you should read in its entirety after you finish this conservative blog post on my take on liberal racism. Enjoy!

Summary of Liberal Racism

First, Marcus discusses the differences between how the radical, progressive left views racism as a phantom “systemic oppression” based on power structures, whereas conservatives subscribe more to the traditional definition of racism, which is judging people based on their skin color rather than the content of their character. The new racism isn’t about actual actions, but rather whatever “systems of oppression” that the left construes.

Next, after giving a powerful example of the so-called “reverse racism” of the left, a key feature of liberal racism, Marcus discusses how the trend of accepting the new definition of racism has left American academia and is now an ideology being taught at pretty much all of our schools and in the media, thus corrupting the minds of the American youth with the ideology behind liberal racism. From a young age, Americans are taught that skin color matters. That’s wrong and emblematic of the problem with the institutionalization of liberal racism.

Finally, after discussing the paradoxes behind liberal racism and the ideology that has created it, Marcus states his final opinion about the issue and what he thinks this (not so new) phenomenon of liberal racism means for the country:

“Let me make my position perfectly clear. If you value someone or their ideas more or less because of their skin color you are a racist. That is what the word means. That is what the word has always meant. If we reach the point where words have no meaning as Orwell predicted, then we cannot be free, freedom is predicated upon a mutual understanding of reality.”

From: The Progressive Left is Becoming Blatantly Racist

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My Take on the Problem of Liberal Racism

To me, the idea of liberal racism is, frankly, not all that surprising. The left is a collectivist group. It doesn’t care about individuality or treating people as adults that can make their own decisions. That’s not how the progressive left works, hence why it’s always in support of welfare programs that treat adults like incapable children.

It simply can’t get behind the idea that people are individuals; it would rather silo everyone into specific groups and then act to favor or attack certain groups based on how it silos them. It has been doing that for decades because racism is a feature of collectivism, as Ayn Rand once said:

“Like every other form of collectivism, racism is a quest for the unearned. It is a quest for automatic knowledge—for an automatic evaluation of men’s characters that bypasses the responsibility of exercising rational or moral judgment—and, above all, a quest for an automatic self-esteem (or pseudo-self-esteem).”

From: The Virtue of Selfishness

Just think, other than race, which we’ll come back to, doesn’t the left like to group people according to their beliefs, persuasions, or immutable characteristics? It creates speech codes on college campuses that lead to political segregation, thus dividing college students into liberals and conservatives, rather than a united student body that wants to learn from all of its parts. It divides people bases on wealth, thus making those that are not wealthy filled with an absolute hatred of the “one percent.”

Most insidiously, the left is the group dividing people based on their ancestry with its continued desire to refer to people as “other place of ancestry- American” rather than just “Americans.” As Ayn Rand stated on that issue of dividing people based on heritage, doing so is absurd because it is just as racist as what we traditionally think of as racism:

“Today, racism is regarded as a crime if practiced by a majority—but as an inalienable right if practiced by a minority. The notion that one’s culture is superior to all others solely because it represents the traditions of one’s ancestors, is regarded as chauvinism if claimed by a majority—but as “ethnic” pride if claimed by a minority. Resistance to change and progress is regarded as reactionary if demonstrated by a majority—but retrogression to a Balkan village, to an Indian tepee or to the jungle is hailed if demonstrated by a minority.”

From: The Virtue of Selfishness

There are other examples of how the left groups people, of course. Sexual preference is one such example. But, for the reasons Ayn Rand said in The Virtue of Selfishness, I think that the last one is the worst because the creation of “ethnic pride” in America is a very real threat to our union.

Liberal racism has created a situation where certain groups, blacks and Latinos, for example, are not only allowed to, but encouraged to speak out about how proud they are of their ancestry, whereas other groups aren’t. That’s a problem for America and our union for two reasons.

The first is, like most things coming from the left, it’s hypocritical. If one group is encouraged to celebrate its heritage, all should be. Celebrating where you come from isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can lead to societal discontent if only some groups are allowed to.

This current situation is just a reverse of America up until World War II, where Americans of western European ancestry were encouraged to celebrate the strength of their genes because of where they came from but other groups were put down on account of their heritage. That was evil then and it is evil now, even though it’s liberal racism rather than “right-wing” racism.

The second reason is that it makes it impossible for Americans to have a common creed if we’re balkanized based on ancestry. As Samuel Huntington notes in his excellent book Who Are We?, Americans cannot have a set of shared values if we have a massive population of unassimilated immigrants. And if we don’t have common values, then it is likely that the country could split apart.

So, logically, if we want to remain a united country, we need to stop referring to people as “African-American” or “Chinese-American” or “Mexican-American” and instead as “Americans.” Otherwise, we’ll just end up dealing with more Richard Spencers on the right and La Razas on the left that want to split up the country based on ancestry.

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Liberal racism is not new. Jonah Goldberg discusses its historical presence in America in his excellent book Liberal Fascism. The progressive left has a long history of dividing people and viewing them as groups rather than individuals. Republicans need to start fighting back against that and make sure that all Americans are viewed as individuals and Americans rather than as members of a certain group.

If we do so, I think we’ll not only defeat the last vestiges of racism in America, the far-left, but also make america a stronger country. When Americans are united, nothing can divide us. We’re unstoppable. But, when we’re divided, as we are now, mainly as a result of liberal racism, the country is weak and susceptible to bad actors and political charlatans. Let’s be strong rather than weak. Stand for unity rather than liberal racism.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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