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Let’s Make a Deal

In previous GENZ articles (“America the Occupied”; “Revenge of the Losers”; “Policies from Hell”) I predicted three possible ways out of this current disaster: (a) by the Grace of God; (b) continuing Republican challenges to the election fraud in the courts, state governments, and media; and (c) some enemies (from shame and a guilty conscience) leaking details of The Steal.

I honestly hadn’t expected a fourth means of National Salvation:  that the “Biden Administration” would be so terrible and unpopular (even to Democrats) in the first six months, that even the leaders of the Cabal have become nostalgic over the Trump policies (prosperity, peace, security, respect) and are ready to compromise and make a deal.

I am convinced that after the 2020 Election Rip-off, certain Woke leaders in the Military, Intelligence, Government, and DNC met with certain Republican leaders, The U.S. Supreme Court, and even some conservative media and said:  “Trump will NOT have a Second Term! PERIOD!”

They stated that if the fraudulent election was overturned and Trump restored to the White House, he would be STOPPED in other ways (a military coup; a nuclear bomb; shutting down the Power Grid; the internet; a new deadlier plague; etc, etc.). “BUT, HE WILL BE STOPPED!”

So, they said, better to accept his defeat by the easiest, least destructive means: the greatest election scam in American history. They accepted this from forces that COULD do the worst and propagated the ludicrous myth that there “was no evidence of Election Fraud.”

But now, even the Coupers are having Buyers’ Remorse:  Economic collapse; open borders; skyrocketing crime and violence; incompetent and shameful foreign policy; radical policies; and the destruction of the United States of America.

Regret and realization of what even they are about to lose are kicking in, so they’re ready to negotiate.

And Trump is ALWAYS ready to make a deal!

He, and the honest Americans around him, will insist on returning him to the White House; the successful economic, environmental, tax, energy, military, trade policies, and respect for American values of God, Country, Family, and Democracy.

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The Crooks can keep much of their ill-gotten gain: a few China and Russia contracts; alternative energy boondoggles; and escape to their tax-exempt islands with billions of corruption booty. But even they (and the world) now realize they need a strong, prosperous, healthy, honest United States of America. Their billions of dollars aren’t worth much in a totally devalued currency. Their personal safety isn’t secure in a totally dangerous world.

So, we will have the great American ideal of compromise again. That spirit of compromise that brought three distinct regions in Colonial North America (Puritan New England, Mercantile New York, and the Old South) together to write and ratify the United States Constitution – the greatest government in history!


Professor Garrett Ward Sheldon is the author of The History of Political Theory: Ancient Greece to Modern America and The Political Philosophy of James Madison. He has lectured at Oxford University; Moscow University; Vienna, Austria; Istanbul; Dublin; and at Princeton University.