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The Time Has Come For Chanting “Let’s Go Fauci!”

Look, there is a long list of things I live my life by, you know, lines that shall not be crossed. Dr. Fauci’s naughty list of deeds are extensive and growing:

  • He has knowingly lied to the American people on numerous occasions.
  • He has lied to Congress under oath on numerous occasions.
  • He has lied about therapeutics for the virus and blocked their use.
  • He has created false data to drive lockdowns and mandates which have wrecked our economy and cost jobs.
  • He was instrumental in the creation of this pathogen in a lab partially funded by Dr. Fauci-approved grants for “gain of function research.”
  • His actions either negligent or knowingly evil have resulted in the long-term health complications and or deaths of large swaths of our population.

Any one of the above would meet the criteria of crossing my ethical and moral lines. But recently, Dr. Grinch has tripped one of my wires that can never be undone. He has politicized Christmas!


“National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases head and chief White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that fully vaccinated Americans could enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings with family.

Anchor Martha Raddatz said, “Dr. Fauci, we know the best way to keep safe is to be vaccinated. But what are your guidelines for the upcoming holidays? Will you be giving out Halloween candy? What do we do with Thanksgiving and Christmas and other holidays?”

Fauci said, “I believe strongly that particularly in the vaccinated people if you are vaccinated, and your family members are vaccinated, those who are eligible, that is obviously very young children and not yet eligible, that you can enjoy the holidays. You can enjoy Halloween, trick-or-treating, and certainly Thanksgiving with your family and Christmas with your family.”

Later he went on Fox Sunday’s Show to declare:

“that Americans who think he is a “polarizing figure” were people who denied “reality.”

Here is a dose of reality for you Fauci, Father of Deceit:

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Again, lying is very bad, deception is oh so a no-no, and facilitating illness and death is a do not step next to me during a rainstorm. But F**k around with Santa and diminishing the birth of Christ by using deceptive narratives is unforgivable. A tad satire perhaps but this writer holds the spirit of Christmas, family, and Christ in the highest regard.

For any intellectual “Expert” feigning empathy and compassion while representing the authoritative government to purposefully polarize families and communities using Christmas is sick. The “reality”  that Fauci feels he can use vaccination status to create more division, more isolation, higher suicide risks, and promote false narratives to pimp vaccines is pure evil. Fauci knows if you are asymptomatic, you do not spread the disease, vaccinated or unvaccinated.

So for the crime of all listed above and using Dear Old St, Nick and Baby Jesus’s special day I hereby sentence you, Dr. Fauci, aka” Father of Science”, aka “Father of Deceit” –  to public shaming in the form of chanting in your direction:


Can I get a second, and an amen?

Here is hoping the media is reporting on both chants growing across America very soon, resulting in the resignation, criminal investigation, and media/social withdrawal of a disgraced egomaniac and alleged perpetrator of economic ruin and suffering.

For the Naughty Fauci coal in his stocking will not cut it. Lift your voices in public spaces and help Santa cross him off the list.

 RWR original article syndication source.