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“Let’s Go Brandon”: San Fran Firefighter Sets Internet Alight, Causes Liberal Meltdown after Being Spotted in Shirt with Anti-Biden Phrase

Let’s go Brandon, as everyone knows, is the less vulgar version of “f*** Joe Biden” that became popular after a reporter covering a NASCAR race tried to cover up chants of “F*** Joe Biden” by claiming that the crowd was really chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” as the driver’s name is Brandon.

But her attempt to cover the whole thing up didn’t work. Instead, it created the new chant, one full of the same savage commentary on the Biden Regime as “f*** Joe Biden” but with the added benefit of having an anti-media too.

Since then it’s been put on everything from social media profiles to flags and t-shirts, as Americans around the country show their dislike of Biden and his presidency but try to keep the language they use to do so family friendly.

Such is what one San Francisco firefighter was wearing, as KTVU tweeted out, saying:

A San Francisco firefighter wore a shirt with the conservative phrase “Lets Go Brandon” written across the back while on duty Saturday morning.

Predictably, the shirt and the tweet started a massive dumpster fire on Twitter.

Conservative commentator Tim Young, for example, kicked off a comments catfight by saying “Good. Cry more.“, to which furious libs responded.

One, for example, said “Sure. First responders should always act like adolescent boys while getting paid by the public.” Another tried to claim that the firefighter was breaking government policy, saying: “Actually, wearing political statements while on duty for public servants is a huge no-no and can lead to discipline up to and including termination. There is no 1A right while in uniform, you actually give that up on duty (multiple court cases to back that up. He knows better!

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One can imagine that whoever came up with that had a fun time pushing their glasses to the bridge of their nose, running their hand through their neckbeard, and starting a tweet off with “Aktshually…”. But, in any case, one commenter showed how ludicrous of an argument it was by simply sharing a picture of the same fire department decked out in rainbow flags:

Another commenter, this one commenting on the original tweet rather than in response to Tim Young, said: “So that just tells me he will not do his job if putting out that fire benefits a POC.”

Plenty jumped in to remind that person that more and more Hispanics are going for Trump as the left tries to trans their kids and destroys the economy.

And it wasn’t just the KTVU tweet that drew firefights, though the comments section on it was hilarious. Others decided to try and cancel the firefighter all on their own, such as this account:

Because what could possibly be more important than trying to cancel a firefighter as he does his job and wears a shirt normal people don’t care about? Nothing to a leftist, apparently.

Unfortunately, the cancellation attempt appears to have worked, as the San Fransicko Fire Department responded to the guy with a gay clover as his pfp by saying “This is not the official uniform of the SFFD. This will be handled immediately. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.” According to KTVU, however, “The dept. did not say what repercussions the firefighter may face.”


By: Gen Z Conservative