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The Left’s War on Objective Reality

After shattering records in a women’s UPenn swim competition, a biological male that goes by Lia Thomas said this:

“I’m very proud of my times and my ability to keep swimming and continue competing and they’re suited-up times and I’m happy with them and my coaches are happy with them. That’s what matters to me.”

Defending Lia, Human Rights Campaign said this:

To the left, not everyone’s feelings are created equal. What matters is how Lia Thomas feels. How do the women on the UPenn swim team feel? Destroyed. Cheated. Their dreams crashed. Their records were unfairly shattered. Their efforts were wasted. Their feelings don’t matter.

As a parent of an NCAA athlete, it takes an enormous amount of time, money, and effort, to first get into, and then to compete, for an NCAA team. Competitive youth sports is akin to a full-time job. Sacrifice and commitment on a young athlete’s part, and truly, on the whole family, is enormous. Someone like Lia Thomas renders all of this effort moot. People like Lia Thomas can cheat girl athletes out of college admission; a scholarship; a place on a team. Not to mention a swimming record that might indicate Olympic standings in their future.

To the left, not every woman is created equal. They scream about “protecting women” until somebody higher up on the “marginalized” ladder comes along. Today, that “someone” is Lia Thomas – a “trans” woman.

Oddly, the “gender science” never explains why it is no “trans men” ever want to compete in men’s sports. You don’t see a biological female slugging it out with a football team or challenging a speed record with male runners. Another “gender science” mystery is why no “trans women” ever want to participate in women’s gymnastics. Lia Thomas would never try to conquer a balance beam. “Their truth” always reveals itself when having an extra amount of testosterone gives them an advantage.

Dennis Prager: “Because of the Left, we are living — no, drowning — in an ocean of lies.”

Your truth” is widely known as a lie or a delusion. “Your truth” is your version of events not as they are, but as you want them to be. More often than not, your truth is very different from the truth. Therefore, pushing “your truth” on others by denying objective reality, you are disregarding, dismissing, and devaluing other people’s rights.

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The concept of “your truth” originated from the defenders of Christine Blasé Ford during the infamous Kavanaugh hearings. Ms. Ford did not have any proof or evidence of her accusations against Justice Kavanaugh, or a single person to corroborate her account. Her incoherent ramblings almost destroyed an honest man’s character and career.
Justice Kavanaugh’s feelings did not matter. His family’s feelings did not matter. What mattered is that Christine Ford got to tell the world “her truth.” Oh, and yes the political agenda “her truth” served.

A big fan of hearing “everyone’s truth” is our VP Kamala Harris. Not long ago, when an ignorant provocateur asked her about “Israel committing ethnic genocide,” VP Harris validated their opinion as “your truth that should not be suppressed.”

To the left, not every person’s “truth” should be heard. If you doubt the efficacy of Covid vaccines, “your truth” becomes “spreading medical misinformation.”  If you believe that the 2020 election was affected by voter fraud, then “your truth” becomes “subverting democracy.”  If you don’t want schools to push racist propaganda, then “your truth” becomes “white race politics.”   But a barrage of anti-Semitic gibberish gets a designation of “your truth” that deserves serious public attention.

To the left, objective reality no longer matters. Men are women; riots are peaceful; facts are merely an opinion, and a lie is simply “your truth.” But to the rest of us, the concept of truth is universal. Protecting the truth is essential for a stable society that is striving for the common good.

There is one objective truth that is the same for everybody. Anything other than one universal truth is either “a belief”, or “an opinion”, or Jen Psaki’s talking points of the day.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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