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Leftists Will Go Crazy if These 3 Patriots Win

By: Donovan Corzo of Mixed Texan Politics

We have three very interesting situations in the gubernatorial races, each of which could send shockwaves throughout the country and drive leftists crazy. There are three black, GOP Governor candidates who are extremely pro-America. Vernon Jones of Georgia, Allen West in my home state of Texas, and last but not least, Larry Elder in California which is probably the most important of the three.

Democrats have maintained a HUGE number of the black vote for decades, heck I was one of them. My mother is black and I voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. Then I started to get off of the Democratic plantation around 2014 during Obama’s second term. More on that another day.

How would Democrats react to having three newly elected black American first Governors across the country? I think it could take a sledgehammer to their identity politics narrative.

Vernon Jones

Vernon Jones is a former Georgia Democrat state Rep who recently became a member of the Republican Party and announced his bid for the Georgia governorship in April 2021.

Jones is one of Donald Trump’s closest supporters and has remained very outspoken about what went on in Georgia during the 2020 election.

Here is a statement by Jones on election integrity:

“As I have been screaming from the rooftops for months, we need a forensic audit in all 159 counties in Georgia. This statewide audit should be the ‘people’s independent audit,’ paid for with taxpayer dollars and conducted by an independent, non-partisan, expert organization like Cyber Ninjas, the company being utilized in Maricopa County. This should NOT be done by the GBI. I went to Maricopa County to tour the on-going audit there. It was professional, detailed, efficient and thorough,”

“Georgia voters are tired of this charade. [Georgia Gov.] Brian Kemp’s GBI was asked to help investigate the election in December of 2020 which resulted in nothing. Now, we are learning there is plenty of clear and irrefutable evidence of fraud and errors in Fulton County, including mismarked tally sheets, missing tally sheets, missing chain of custody documents, and double counting of ballots.”

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Vernon Jones received endorsements from Rudy Giuliani, the Atlanta Tea Party said he has a “spine of steel,” and he was endorsed by the NRA in 2016 when he was running as a Democrat for state Rep. and it gave him an “A” rating.

Mr. Jones is also a huge supporter of the police. He has made it clear that he will fund the police, not defund. With murder and aggravated assault rates surging in Atlanta, Jones will ensure the police have adequate funding, training and will pass anti-riot legislation.

Georgia needs a strong leader who won’t let the state be ruined by liberals. Vernon Jones will fight to keep Georgia free.

Larry Elder

As many of you know, California is going to have a recall election on September 14th, 2021 to kick failed Democrat governor Gavin Newsom to the curb. The man has been a disaster. 

Conservative talk show host Larry Elder announced he is running for California governor in July 2021 to challenge Newsom.

California has an unemployment rate of 7.7%, which is over 2% higher than the national average as well as a homeless population of over 150,000. About 39 million people, or 1/9 of Americans, live in California, but the state accounts for 1/4th of the homeless population in the country. They also have the largest unsheltered homeless population in the U.S.

Elder wants to tackle homelessness by declaring a statewide emergency. This will allow for thousands of new housing units to be built and help people get treatment for drug abuse or mental illness. Most importantly, people will be forced off of the streets.

I’m sure if Elder is elected he will not release a man from prison who buried a man alive, since he has made it clear he is pro-law and order. But yes, Newsom just allowed this to happen (see the link at the bottom of the article).

David Weidert murdered 20-year-old Michael Morganti, a mentally disabled resident of the Fresno area, over 40 years ago. Weidert and an accomplice murdered Morganti to cover up a crime of just $500. Morganti was lured into a car and taken to an isolated location, beaten with a shovel and stabbed then choked with a telephone wire.

Oh yeah, before all of this they had him dig his own grave before burying him alive. David Weidert should never be allowed to see the light of day. Will Newsom take him into his home? Doubtful.

This is why California needs Larry Elder. Liberalism is like a plague that has infected the state. People are voting with their feet. Last year the state saw a population decline (-182,000) for the first time since 1990. My hope is that Californians do the right thing and vote on September 14th to remove Newsom from office.

If anyone reading this article lives in California or knows anyone who lives there, please go vote or tell anyone you know to vote for Larry Elder. Save California!

Allen West

Former Texas GOP Chairman Allen West announced on July 4th, 2021 that he has thrown his hat into the ring to primary Greg Abbott as Governor of Texas.

West is running, challenging Abbott, because of the way the COVID-19 situation was handled in Texas. Abbott closed businesses down in Spring 2020 and implemented a mask mandate. The Texas economy was closed for 30 days and reopened at a scaled-back rate. Some businesses such as movie theaters, restaurants, malls opened at 25%.

Texas bars were able to open May 22, 2020 and were shut down again on June 26, 2020. Then, in October of 2020, they were allowed to reopen.

Many feel Abbott moved too slow on certain reopening procedures and the mask mandate. As a result, Abbott has lost support among Republicans in Texas; pre-pandemic he enjoyed an 88% approval rating among Republicans. That is now down to 77%.

I have heard or seen many conservatives say they will not support Greg Abbott based on the business closures and prolonged mask mandate.

Allen West has made Abbott’s handling of the virus and border security the center of his campaign. West plans to establish a Texas Border Patrol agency to arrest and deport illegal immigrants. He plans to use funds seized from Cartels to fund the agency. He will crackdown on real estate agencies that enable the use of “stash houses”.

Being tough on China is also a strong position of West. As governor, he will not allow companies with ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to operate in Texas. Nor will he allow any leadership or former military members of the CCP to buy large portions of land here.

While I may not have the same influence as Donald Trump, I fully endorse Allen West as Governor of Texas. Abbott has done a good job overall in the state and has been acting more conservative as of late, which I think is to redeem himself from some of his mishaps over the last year and a half.

I think Allen West would be a stronger leader and will take the torch back from Florida. Texas should have never let Florida lead the way!