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Why Do Leftists Want Open Borders? To Destroy America

Why do Leftists Want Open Borders? The short answer is: To Destroy America. Conservatives Must Fight Back

I know that there are many well-meaning people, mostly mothers, young girls, and young boys, who look at the unwashed urchins being displayed at the borders as the pitiful poor and displaced, or as brave refugees fleeing oppression by dictators and drug lords, and weep for the babies. My wife is one of those.

What is not displayed by the press and the embedded ‘journalists’ is that it is all a put-on designed to tug at heartstrings and influence voters in the U.S. Why do leftists want open borders? Because they’re using them for political ends.

All of the legacy media report on ‘the cruelty’ of ICE and other border enforcement agencies, who in an earlier generation would have been hailed as heroes for doing a necessary job of keeping the invading populations of the world at bay.

Some of these invading people are trying to escape 3rd and sometimes 2nd world countries and are good honest, hardworking people who for one reason or another want to escape to a better life. They see America as being able to provide that better life and they are welcomed here in sustainable quantities so as to maintain the lifestyle that U.S. citizens have worked and paid to create.

Most Americans are generous  (to a fault) and want to help the world with its problems. That’s a mistake. When our government decides it is its job to give away the resources that Americans have worked and saved for without a ‘by your leave’ to the citizens who have to pay for the increased strain on the U.S. economy and infrastructure systems, it is clearly incorrect.

There are calls from certain segments of our nation for giveaway programs for healthcare and food and shelter for all of the people who show up at the door of our nation.

If a person shows up at your door you might feel obliged to help them maybe two or maybe three but when thousands start showing up wanting to sleep on your lawn, urinate and defecate in your flower beds and follow your children around you have to say no.

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There are reasons the USA is the wealthiest, most advanced, and most independent country in the history of the world. We have, for most of the 245 years of our existence, been a people with a strict moral code. Whether or not we went to church or synagogue or mosque, we mostly believed in a higher power that would hold us to account if we behaved badly.

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We worked diligently and honestly, saved our money to invest in the future either obtaining an education, paying for our children’s education, or investing in financial markets. The banks were full of our money, which they used for investments and to make the financial institutions stronger. They paid a fair rate of return to the people who didn’t want to risk what they had worked for. We paid our bills and bought our groceries and went dancing on Friday night, maybe bowling on Saturday and went to church on Sunday. We knew all of our neighbors and helped each other when it was needed. We volunteered at the VFW or Rotary or Boy Scouts.  It was a good and simple, if not puritanical, life.

But somehow it changed, somewhere between the Korean Conflict and the end of the Cold War, we started to pull on the thread that held America together.

Democrats, with the spurs being applied by the likes of New Leftists in The Weather Underground and The Hippies ( I’m guilty), veered far to the left, flying toward a less structured society with anarchy on one wing and nebulous activism on the other.

Republicans, meanwhile, took up for big businesses, capitalism and the free market, and, not being able to articulate a more nuanced battle cry, we charged headlong into corporatism.

Free markets, in pursuit of more and more sales and cheaper and cheaper goods from overseas took the manufacturing base away from the American middle class along with the good Jobs that gave the American middle class the lifestyle that the world envied. When Poland or Greece looked at America they saw the millionaires and billionaires with their over-the-top, hedonistic lifestyle, but what they longed for was the split-level house with the two-car garage and the back yard bar-b-que pit.

Andrew Breitbart famously said that politics is downstream from culture, which means that whatever changes in the cultural realm of television, movies, books, dance, art, etc. influences the way the populace sees reality. The change in cultural attitudes serves to make political policy reflect those changed perceptions as politicians respond to the groundswell of public and donations from their corporate backers.

We can allow immigrants into our country in reasonable numbers, they can retain their culture as did the Irish, Italians, and every other people that came to the U.S. for whatever reason but they have to obey the laws and become citizens if they want to stay.

Once they are Americans they need to work within the system. If they want to add or subtract to our culture and our body politic they need to remember that there are processes to do that legally. I think that today there are some people who come to our shores specifically to, and with the backing of foreign powers, to insinuate themselves into our body politic with the express desire to turn America into Europe and eventually into a global hegemony from which there is no dissent and no escape. Remember, we’re the last stand of freedom on Earth.

If we’d like a return to the American values we want as conservatives, or, in other words, to conserve the founding principles and independence, we need to create and support media that shows approval of those values, pressure and support politicians that are sympathetic to those conservative changes, and vote like our lives depend on it.

It is hard to look at any news report and not see that we are at a watershed moment in our society. I think that is why everyone on the Right as well as the left has had to virtue signal against Ted Cruz for leaving the snow and power outage in Houston and flying to Cancun. In case you have been in a coma, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas avoided the deprivations of a once-in-a-century snowstorm by taking his family on vacation to Cancun leaving his pet at home. Now, as with most scandals’, the flurry of explanations is more damaging than the actual event.

But the media storm and storm of condemnation from both sides was embarrassing in its pettiness and rancor. Senators are not governors or mayors, they have no responsibility for snow removal or welfare of the state other than sympathy and optics, and to promise to fix something from Washington better left to the State government. But decorum demanded he stay and suffer with the people he represents, a good reason for me to stay away from politics, I would have sent a postcard to Beto O’Rourke showing me on a skateboard. F’em

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Now as opposed to the Joe Biden and son corruption machine, which did actual crimes in the form of payoffs to oligarchs in Western Asia, Cruz’s bad optics should get a favorable write-up in a family magazine. The Biden criminal enterprise will probably suffer no adverse press whatsoever because he wears a ‘blue’ political cap but it is no benefit to America to double deal behind closed doors with people and countries that want to do us harm. There is no amount of money worth selling the freedom of your fellow countrymen for. That is the bullet we dodged with Hillary Clinton and an all-powerful Deep State, government agencies run for the benefit of the American oligarchs with average Americans being the barter goods.

I think the grand takeaway is, although there was plenty of corruption to go around in politics before, since the Vietnam War the political/industrial collusion has become more integrated with the journalists; instead of being a watchdog and an almost fourth branch of government, has become a coverup machine for corruption they agree with. They are now political bundlers and cheerleaders for big government and socialism. It is the American way to be partisan for your view but the press still portrays itself as fair and balanced arbiters of news. They can’t see past their own rhetoric and bias to give validity to any point of view that is not their own.

So knowing that there is no time, will or political acumen to reform the ‘news’ industry the Conservatives must create entertainment, news and political entities that present this side of reality.

I yield the remainder of my time.

By: David Gignac

Image at top from: By Mobilus In Mobili – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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