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Leftists want Control. They Certainly Do Not Want Equality

My Take on Why Leftists Want Control over Us, not Equality

This conservative meme about liberals is a bit similar to the recent Margaret Thatcher quotation on socialists and control that I published. Despite that similarity, I thought it would be worth publishing because it is important for conservatives to realize that leftists want control over Americans, not equal treatment. That should scare every conservative and be in the mind of every conservative.

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Frankly, I am a bit surprised that conservatives do not already realize that leftists want control. Just think of everything they do. Leftists are silencing conservatives, are hypocrites with a bent for tyranny, hate Western civilization and the ideals of America’s founding, and use cancel culture to try to silence the opposition. All of those actions, in my opinion, are obvious evidence that leftists want control.

So, not that it’s indisputable, what is it that the radical members of America’s left want control over? Everyone and everything. They want to turn America into a nanny-state dictatorship.

Bloomberg with his soda ban shows that well. He decided that the average person drinks too much sugary soda, so he banned the “Big Gulp” and placed an extra tax on sugary drinks. Whether he was right or wrong about the average person drinking too much soda (I think he was right) does not really matter. What does matter is that he used the power of the government to enforce his will about some particular issue. As a result, the freedom of the average American is limited by power-hungry leftists.

There is an almost infinite number of other examples of how leftists want control, of course.

Gun control is perhaps the best one; they think that it is too dangerous for us to own guns, so they want to ban them. That is unconstitutional and unnecessary, the only reason that anyone believes we have a gun violence problem is because of media lies about gun violence, especially as it relates to those scary black rifles. The truth is, the use of guns doesn’t really account for all that many deaths each year. Especially if you factor out gang on gang violence. But, because leftists want control and the Mainstream Media is a lackey of the Democratic Party, the media has created the perception that there is a gun violence problem.

The final example I will give is what has happened with the Chinese Flu pandemic. Have you seen the many petty tyrants pop up all over the nation, demanding that we surrender even our most basic rights to combat a disease little worse (for most people) than the common flu?

They demand we stay inside. They won’t let us work out or go out to eat. Everywhere we go we have to wear masks and submit to random “temperature checks.” It is all absurd and is just further evidence that leftists want control.

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None of those safety measures do anything. The virus can go through pretty much every mask that the average person wears, most people who have it are asymptomatic and do not have a fever, and going outside and getting in the sun is one of the best ways to make sure you do not get sick. But, of course, the media will not tell you about that because it is lying about the Chinese Flu to help the Democratic Party.

So, what can America do? What should conservatives do to push back on the growth of government and tyranny in America? How can we retard the progress of the socialist Gestapo and stop the left’s anti-freedom agenda and prevent it from being implemented?

Well, you have done the first step by reading this article; it is crucial to know that leftists want control over you, not equality with you.

The second step is to start actually fighting back. Demand freedom at every opportunity, or whenever it becomes more apparent that leftists want control and are working to take away another one of your freedoms. And even better, don’t just prevent them from taking away your freedom, also use innovative arguments to defend those freedoms.

leftists want control over your life
Leftists want control!
Image from: The Neo-Conservative Right

Don’t let the jack-booted agents of the leftist state confiscate your AR-15, even if there is a mass shooting. The solution to mass shootings is more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, not fewer privately held weapons. Furthermore, the 2nd Amendment clearly states “shall not be infringed.” The leftists, whatever their desire for control, have no right to try to take your guns. You, however, do have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Even if the leftists do not want you to.

Don’t let the leftists restrict your right to say what you want. Protect free speech, even if the leftists start randomly terming different words or phrases “hate speech.” The term “hate speech” is just made up, there is no such thing. There is only free speech. Sure, some of it might be disagreeable. But there is a 1st Amendment right to free speech that cannot be infringed, even if what is spoken is disagreeable. We conservatives must fight to preserve free speech everywhere, but especially on places like college campuses where free speech is under a sustained attack from the left.

Leftists want control, not equality. That is why everything they do, every single policy position they support, is about increasing the state’s power over you. They want you to turn in your guns, want you to not say any words that they now call “hate speech,” and even want to control how much sugar you put in your body. There are countless other examples, but those three are, in my opinion, the best and most egregious examples of the fact that leftists want control over you and will do anything possible to seize that control.

They do not want equality between all citizens or for there to be an even playing field of freedom and opportunity. Rather, leftists just want to rule over you. They love compulsion and will do whatever it takes to enforce their version of life on you. Conservatives need to wake up to that fact and start fighting back against the tyrants in America, most of which come from the left.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook