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Silicon Valley Oligarchs and Leftists are Silencing Conservatives

How Leftists are Silencing Conservatives

As my recent analysis of a great Matt Walsh quote on why leftism is the religion of hate and self-loathing showed, today’s left is full of hatred. Hatred for white Americans, capitalism, American history, Western civilization, the rich and successful, and, most of all, conservatives. As a result, we’re now in a situation where leftists are silencing conservatives purely out of spite and deeply-rooted hatred for anyone that disagrees and resists their attempts at compulsion. Big Tech oligarchs and the cancel culture SJWs on college campuses are the most egregious offenders.

There are various ways by which leftists are silencing conservatives. Big Tech companies, such as Twitter and Facebook, the worst offenders, use black-box type algorithms with clear biases to shut down conservative thoughts and opinions. Similarly, those platforms use their “review” process to try to limit conservative political advertising and stop the spread of controversial articles. We need to strike back by boycotting Big Tech.

But those are just two of the most prominent ways that Silicon Valley leftists are silencing conservatives.

The third way that leftists are silencing conservatives is more insidious and probably more destructive. It’s what we’ve recently seen with Google demonetizing The Federalist and Zero Hedge. Or with YouTube demonetizing conservative channels. Or with employers, at the behest of outraged leftists online, firing certain employees for the mere “crime” of being a conservative voice.

Leftists are silencing conservatives by restricting the ability of those on the right to earn income. They can’t serve ads on a site, market their products on social media, or, as we saw with the banning of Parler, even develop a competitor service!

Whether the most successful entrepreneur or lowest-level wage-earner, conservatives across the nation are being attacked by rabid leftists that want to destroy the livelihoods of every conservative they encounter. They’re professional looters that destroy businesses, ruin careers, and falsely accuse the good guys that stand up to them.

And that, I think, is the biggest challenge conservatives will face in the upcoming months and years. The left, far more than the right, has taken this battle over America’s fate to a level that completely destroys civil society because it reaches every aspect of society in a profoundly negative. They’ve taken away the ability of conservatives and liberals to work together in their pursuit of “social justice.”

Now, it’s obvious that leftists are silencing conservatives any way they can to most members of society. President Trump, Charlie Kirk, and others have been doing what they can to call out the efforts of Big Tech to hide and censor conservative voices, as have many other conservative commentators and voters.

But that’s not enough because this problem, as I just showed, isn’t just a problem of social media companies, the Big Tech companies that are the enemies of freedom for modern Americans. Instead, it’s a whole of society problem that was entirely created by the radical lefties that don’t care about free speech and certainly couldn’t care less about having a respectful political discussion.

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So, what are we to do? We young conservatives, especially college conservatives, have to deal with the worst aspects of how leftists are silencing conservatives every day. The cancel culture, doxxing, outrage, attacks on businesses that employ conservatives, and more is all a daily occurrence that destroys civil society on college campuses.

But now, with the full effect of leftist silencing attempts on full display, this has transitioned into an all of society problem. As a result, it won’t be easily fixed; as long as leftists try to use their hate to silence and destroy the lives of conservatives, there will be no civil society in America. There cannot be a civil society in America if there is no freedom of speech.

We’ve seen this before; the 1790s, 1860s (obviously, the Civil War), and 1960s-70s have all been terrible times for American civil discourse and civil society. Much like now, there was vitriol, fighting, and ridiculous rhetoric that threatened to tear America apart. In the 70s, there was even a terrorist group called Weather Underground. It, much like the Antifa terrorist group today, used violence and terror attacks, especially bombings, to advance its end goals. At least Antifa isn’t blowing up office buildings, yet!

America survived before, if just barely, so we can hope it will survive again. In the past, despite the immense struggles thrown our way by the gods of fate, America has found a way to keep on keeping on. Perhaps that was just luck, but I think not. I think it was because of the unique system of government that our intrepid and incredibly forward-looking Founding Fathers created with our Constitution and defended in The Federalist Papers when they began the world anew and founded America. Our system of government is built to last.

But, for as long as it remains true that leftists are silencing conservatives, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for America to not fall apart. Both sides have to be equally free to state their opinions. Otherwise, our system won’t work the way it is supposed to work. And if it can’t work, then America will fall apart. Perhaps we could survive a disintegrationist-caused second American Civil War, perhaps not.

I don’t think it would be worth having to find out just because leftists are silencing conservatives and refuse to stop doing so. Let’s be brave. Let’s stand up for free speech and the open sharing of ideas. That’s the only real way to ensure that America survives the predations of companies like Twitter.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook


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