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4 Examples of Why Leftists are Hypocrites

It should not be hard to see that leftists are hypocrites because that hypocrisy permeates each and every layer of their coalition. Their politicians are constantly hypocritical (most recently in the case of the Capitol riot/protest), the radical leftist constituents we see on the news are hypocritical about everything from protesting to when they think black lives actually matter (only if they die at the hands of cops, not in the case of crime or abortion), far-left students on college campuses are hypocritical, and any other leftists you see on the lying mainstream media are also flaming hypocrites.

Why is that? Why is it so painfully obvious that leftists are hypocrites? Because they are inconsistent and use their supposed ideals not to create a better society, but instead to oppress and silence conservatives. They don’t care about fighting Coronavirus, about creating a society open to hearing about all ideas or viewpoints, or even about racism. In fact, they don’t even care that they are hypocrites. All they care about is power and control over you.

No, instead, they just want to fake piety at the altar of their new morality of amorality so that they can viciously attack conservatives, especially young conservatives with no one to defend them, under the guise of “social justice” and “common-sense reform.”

Example 1: Business Shutdowns and Uncontrolled Riots

Example number one of why leftists are hypocrites is how they’ve handled the Chinese flu shutdown. Petty tyrants around the nation shut down the small businesses in their communities and refused to reopen America even as the threat from the virus dissipated. They didn’t care about keeping people safe, they just enjoyed the new power granted to them because of the pandemic.

But then George Floyd, a career criminal, was killed and all hell broke loose. Riots and protests swept the nation as angry SJWs set their cities on fire to champion “justice for George.”

Did those same far-left governors, mayors, and city councils step in to stop the riots to contain the Chinese flu pandemic, which was supposedly so dangerous that we had to destroy our economy to stop it? No, of course not. Leftists are hypocrites. They allowed the protests to bloom into riots where tens of thousands of people set things on fire without socially distancing.

They shut down your business and thousands of other small businesses to “slow the spread,” but, thanks to crony capitalism and their hypocritical ideology, allowed rioters to congregate in the streets and businesses like Amazon to remain open.

Leftists are hypocrites. Unabashed hypocrites. They want power over you so they used every last tentacle of their power and authority to shut down entrepreneurs, those “dangerous” individuals that use their liberty to do something useful, and then used their power to help shield their corporate cronies and BLM, the shock troop wing of the Democrat Party, from any consequences or need to shut down. It was disgusting and blatant.

Example 2: Churches are Closed as Statues Fall

In addition to shutting down businesses and killing the economy, the petty tyrants closed churches. Weddings couldn’t take place, mourners couldn’t say goodbye to loved ones, and religious services couldn’t take place because of the Chinese flu restrictions. In many states, churches remain closed despite tattoo parlors and Walmarts reopening.

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Simultaneously, however, the radical Antifa thugs are violently attacking conservatives and tearing down statues of any and every American hero they see. They erase history by tearing down Confederate statues, throw away the memory of our Founding Fathers by tearing down and desecrating statues of great men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and show their contempt for Christianity by pulling down statues of actual saints and burning down churches.

So, do leftists stop those riots as they stopped church services? No, of course not. Leftists are hypocrites; they forced the law-abiding, moral members of society to remain locked up in their homes while they allowed thugs to roam freely and destroy America’s culture and memories of our heritage. You can’t congregate with the faithful during these trying times, but a masked thug is free to roam your city and tear down statues of figures of history with whom he disagrees. That’s only happening because of leftist hypocrisy.

Example 3 of Why Leftists are Hypocrites: Social Venues are Closed, but Riots are Easily Joinable

Further evidence of how leftists are hypocrites and tyrants comes from America’s social scene. Around the nation, bars and restaurants remain closed, especially in terribly tyrannical states like New York and Michigan. Citizens are unable to socialize with their friends and engage in public interactions that bring society closer together and allow people to develop social ties and live their lives as they see fit.

On the other hand, it seems like the riots just swell in size. Masses of humanity pack together and march down streets, intimidating passers-by and attacking law enforcement officers. Or, gangs of thugs and looters terrorize their cities at night with no restrictions on how they interact. Meanwhile, are they chided or rebuked for that by the same tyrants that are keeping our businesses and bars closed? Not at all! In fact, Democrats in charge seem to be goading them on and fanning the flames of the George Floyd riots by not admitting what Antifa cares about!

That shows that leftists are hypocrites. They don’t care about keeping us safe, they just want to keep businesses closed so that Trump is hurt politically by a destroyed economy. If you own a concert hall, movie theater, or even outdoor concert space, you’re out of luck. Your business hasn’t been able to open in months because of the invisible threat supposedly posed by Covid. But BLM faces no such restrictions, nor does Antifa, nor did the pro-Biden partiers after the election. They are free to congregate in whatever size groups they want. But you can’t go out to eat, party, or enjoy a live performance.

Example 4: Fourth of July Celebrations are Cancelled, but the Memory of the Founding Fathers is Being Destroyed. That’s Happening Because Leftists are Hypocrites

Similarly to the situation with churches and saints, the left is cancelling our Fourth of July plans while simultaneously encouraging rioters to tear down statues of the men whose memory we should be celebrating and honoring.

No fireworks are allowed for celebrating, but protesters can lob them at police. We can’t gather for cookouts, but Antifa can gather to pull down statues of George Washington. Playing drinking games will give you the Chinese flu, but screaming at and spitting on cops or militia members that are protecting our statues is the right thing to do.

It’s all so absurd and shows that leftists are hypocrites. They hate our Founding Fathers so much that they are willing to put their hypocrisy on full display as a way to encourage the eradication of the memory of the Founders. Thanks to the leftist hypocrites, you can’t honor those great men, but leftist thugs can tear down their statues.

Conclusion to Why Leftists are Hypocrites

There’s no other way I can think to say it; leftists are hypocrites. They lock up the innocent in the name of safety, showing Orwell was right about tyranny, while simultaneously letting violent thugs out of prison.

All of the restrictions took place under the guise of fighting the Chinese flu. I’ve been against those restrictions and closures from the very beginning, as my friends and articles can testify to, but many conservatives went along with them. As a result, our economy has been destroyed for no real gain.

At the same time that our economy has remained dormant, rioters have done whatever they wanted. They’ve gathered in massive crowds, destroyed businesses, torn down statues of American heroes, and attacked innocent Americans. And have the corrupt Democrats spoken out against that?

Nope. Not all all. That’s because leftists are hypocrites. They live their lives under one set of rules and demand that you live under a stricter set of rules.

By: Gen Z Conservative.