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Leftist Says “Let’s Go Brandon” is Like Burning the American Flag

According to Gloria Johnson, a leftist Democrat representative from Tennessee, chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” is the equivalent of burning the American flag. That’s right; according to her, a funny chant that pokes fun at both the lying media and Biden Administration is the same as taking a torch to Old Glory.

Her comment was made on Twitter as a response to another tweet that took aim at the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant:

She followed up that tweet with a later one noting that both flag burning and LGB chants are “protected speech” and that her comments were just her opinion, not a “legal take.” She also randomly adds “reading is fundamental,” without any context.

As the Daily Caller notes, the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant is an incredibly popular one, having been heard at most every public event and even appearing on items of clothing and in rap songs:

The phrase, “Let’s Go Brandon” has become a trend across the U.S. and is often chanted at sporting and other events. The chant is the less profane version of “F**k Joe Biden” and caught on after a NASCAR race in which NBC reporter, Kelli Stavast appeared to believe fans were cheering for driver, Brandon Brown.

Rappers have written songs about it, and a Republican representative even wore a dress with the phrase written on it.

So, in terms of how it’s viewed by the general public, which abhors flag burning. For example, a Gallup poll in 2006 showed that Americans generally supported a Constitutional Amendment that would make flag burning illegal. And that was at a time when anti-Iraq War sentiment was reaching a crescendo, so it was hardly a jingoistic or highly patriotic time that would push people toward wanting to ban flag burnings.

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No such amendment has been proposed that would make saying “Let’s Go Brandon” illegal. Rather, more and more people seem to be adopting it and generally viewing it as a fun form of protest against both Biden and the media.

So, though Rep. Johnson is right that both are free speech, there’s a major difference in how the two are treated. One is toeing the line of what is legal and is viewed negatively

Many on Twitter noted the absurdity, hypocrisy, and tyrannical potential of Rep. Johnson’s comparison:

And, as the final tweet notes, there’s a major difference between the two protected forms of speech, one Johnson doesn’t discuss. Flag burnings are meant to show disrespect toward America generally. Commonly seen at anti-American protests everywhere from leftist rallies in America to IRGC-staged rallies Iran, the act of burning the flag is meant to show disrespect both toward America and the values it stands for.

The “Let’s Go Brandon” chant is far different. Far from being an attack on American and her values, it’s a cry of protest against Biden’s incompetence and the media’s attempt to cover for him.

That difference in motivation is what Rep. Johnson is attempting to ignore by connecting the two and it’s an important one.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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