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The Left versus Right Battle: The History and Its Disastrous Effects

Left Versus Right: Where It Came From

Have you ever wondered where the terms, “left wing” and “right wing” came from? 

Today the symbolism of left versus right is used to create a political divide in the United States. These labels mistakenly represent the notion that the left is liberal and the right as conservative. 

The notion of left versus right probably began in 1789 when the French Assembly met to draft a constitution. Those seated on the very divided assembly to the left were anti-royalist revolutionaries and to the right were the aristocratic supporters of the monarchy. Maybe the aristocratic supporters held certain aspects of conservative ideals, but neither conservatives nor liberals would fit into this left versus right narrative we see today. 

By 1790 newspaper clippings show the French began to reference a progressive as “left” and a traditionalist as “right”. Later the introduction of other terms further diluted and subdivided them into “center” and “extreme” just as the press has done today. All of these terms were rarely used in American politics during the same periods. No Founding Fathers were discussing “left versus right” battles.

Introduction To American Politics 

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton were highly influenced by the Marxist Saul Alinsky and his book “Rules for Radicals,” which Andrew Breitbart describes in-depth in Righteous Indignation, and it is believed this is where they may have picked up their dirty political tricks. The Clintons began making these terms popular with the help of the mainstream media they controlled. The divide started when Hillary began referring to Republicans as having a “vast right-wing conspiracy” in an interview where she was trying to defend her husband’s infidelity and lies to the US Congress during a congressional investigation of her husband. 

Hillary’s words seem to echo throughout history. There was a conspiracy, but it just was not vast nor was it right-wing. It was a concoction she used to explain and perhaps help cover-up the enormous evidence that she and Bill were involved in shady business deals, political corruption, sexual acts including rape and hideous unsolved murders while in and out of political office throughout the years. 

Political Labels: Left versus Right Comes to America

The distinctions between left and right have their origins in political science. Artificial labels box in political opponents, but today it very hard to distinguish between the label of assumptive language narratives and the actual beliefs someone has. Our official history has become tainted by politically-based information depending on who writes it and with what bias they use. Academia and the press have become a strong political tool and biases exist in the media far more than the left wants to admit. 

The divide over conservative and liberal is no less conflated by politics. Conservatives and Liberals are not in conflict with one another as one has been led to believe. Republicans have always stood for borders, social traditions and social institutions, authority and respect for cultures and property rights.  

Would it surprise you to learn that Democrats also have shared these views until recently? 

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Republicans Are Heroic 

Republicans have always been true liberals, broad-minded, open and tolerant to the ideas and the behaviors of others. Individual rights, free speech and the right to bear arms have always been a part of the Republican party platform. The undeniable proof of this comes from the fact that slavery was abolished, and women were given the right to vote by Republicans. 

The Democratic party has opposed the open tolerance and self-control exhibited by the Republican party throughout history whenever it suited their lust for power. They use group identity politics as a tool that always masks an agenda whether it was the hatred for blacks, whites or any group they can subdue and deputize for their cause without their knowledge. 

Anything that serves the political agenda is fair game and rash decisions are always a part of the game. Look no further than the prohibition of alcohol. It was a rash decision deviously done to win back the voters after Republicans gave women the right to vote. The bad decision opened the doors for organized crime and served to hide the Democratic parties’ intentions for years. 

Liberal Evolution To Left-Wing Progressive 

The progressive is in fact left-wing and their ideas have been working their way into both parties. Democrats began rebranding themselves as liberal in the early 1900’s. The insidiousness of the deception was that they already were somewhat liberal and so were Republicans. Somehow Democrats managed to convinced Republicans throughout the years that they were just Conservatives and had switched. It was untrue. Republicans were always both Liberal and Conservative. Historically speaking, one can be both Conservative and Liberal at the same time.  

Even more insidious is the notion and narrative that making progress requires a progressive. The difference is that being a progressive is a label where the common sense of being conservative and liberal have been dropped. Nobody needs to be told to make progress or forward thinking yet there is a political notion that being progressive is the only path to progress. How silly. 

As Democrats began to rebrand the party as liberal, they began to accept the progressive ideologies as liberals not knowing how they were being manipulated by the party. The redefinition of liberal and conservative took place under our noses. 

Throughout the last 100 years, in the background progressives have been taking over the institutions of higher learning and the press. They then use their control to twist facts into narrative or spin one lie at a time. All it took to convince Republicans to put themselves in a box was to pit them against liberals. 

Progressive Agenda 

There was a time when everyone knew Hitler was a socialist and that it is very bad. Now more than ever we need to awaken to the progressive left agenda. No more can we allow them to define and re-define our party. 

Marxists are liars who have created false narratives throughout history to hide their intentions because tyranny is their goal. History has told us in our dealings with the USSR, China and Germany that no amount of appeasement will ever do in the face of an enemy that will use any tactic to control and destroy for the express purpose of building up a new government. 

Hitler was a progressive socialist who masqueraded as a conservative and nationalist because that is what was popular at the time. The left knows Hitler was a socialist, yet they repaint him and all conservatives as right wing. It is a clever lie. It is very hard to prove and to disassociate the link is necessary if the progressive agenda they serve is to succeed. When carefully compared, we see the Nazi agenda is the same as the progressive left. 

The list of similarities between the progressive and Hitler should give anyone chills like abortion, free health care, living wages & gun control. The left wing agenda is a Marxist playbook devised to poison our society and divide us into groups that essentially dilute our power and make it their own. They steal the historical honors that rightly go to the Republican party using lies and put us into their box. 

By: @The Bulldozer