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LeBron Just Got Some Terrible News and the Internet Is Loving It

Well, “King James” the Imbecile Leftist (yes, that’s his royal title) isn’t headed to the playoffs this year. Turns out, focusing on being a radical leftist rather than a winning basketball player isn’t the best of strategies if you plan on…winning basketball games. Funny how that works. Breitbart, reporting on the loss, notes that:

On Tuesday, the Lakers lost to the Suns 121-110, with LeBron riding the bench due to an ankle injury.

The last time the Lakers won the finals was in 2020. Now, the team will miss the playoffs for the seventh time in the last nine seasons. More to the point, it is the second time the Lakers were tossed from the playoffs in LeBron James’ four seasons with the team.

LeBron, of course, or perhaps I should say “King James,” is a noted far-left radical, particularly on the issue of policing. Rather than just playing basketball, or just “shutting up and dribbling,” as some might say, he seems intent on presenting himself as some sort of political sage and representative of all the oppressed people in America.

Of course, he makes quite a bit more than the average American and is living in an ivory tower so tall that he never even has to look down on most peons and their lives, so it’s more than a bit ridiculous.

But it’s his shtick and he’s sticking to it, much to the internet’s displeasure. Hence why the internet exploded in laughter when he and his team didn’t even make it to the playoffs despite all his boasting and obvious hubris. Here are some of the best tweets about it:

The NBA playoffs are better without LeBron James.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been eliminated from playoff contention…

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“Anthony Davis is getting older, LeBron will be in his 20th year and Westbrook is shot… No tweak is going to fix this.” —

Skip Bayless tearing apart Lebron’s legacy tomorrow:

LeBron and the gang next week

LeBron since joining the Lakers:


Ladies & gentleman… the “King of LA” 👑🤡

.@KingJames this is the longest April fools joke ever my guy

This isn’t the first time that Lebron has had it handed to him because of his leftist sympathies and antics. Perhaps the time he was most attacked was when he posted his infamous tweet about Kyle Rittenhouse, saying “What tears????? I didn’t see one. Man knock it off! That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court. 🤣🤣🤣

While his recent loss and the badwill engendered by his previous actions drew mockery on Twitter, the Rittenhouse one set the internet positively ablaze, with just about every conservative left on Twitter taking time to fire a shot King James’ way.

Ben Shapiro, for example, said “Lebron, great defender of the Chinese government’s tyranny, also happens to be an unparalleled dumpster fire in the field of criminal justice

Similarly, House of Reps candidate Joe Kent said:

The coward who’s fought for nothing has comments about a young man who stepped into the breech to defended his community because our institutions failed.

LeBron’s existence as a celebrity is a reflection of our decline.

Point being, Twitter criticism of Lebron is nothing new. But it’s always fun to watch the pompous ass get torn to pieces.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.