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Our “Leaders” Are a Disgrace

We’ve all seen the news. Afghanistan is falling. CRT is being taught in thousands of schools around the nation. China is bounding past us in near every field. Neither our enemies nor our allies respect us, our military is more focused on wokeness than warfighting, and America is collapsing internally as its enemies grow stronger by the day.

And where are our “leaders?” Gone, they’ve deserted their posts and should be tried for dereliction of duty.

The Democrat side is, predictably, not doing that great with the current crisis. Slow Joe is hiding in the basement (albeit Camp David’s basement), per usual. The Democrats can’t be bothered to comment on anything, much less fix it. Hell, Jen Psaki is out of the office and won’t be back for a week, having left right as the Taliban rolled into Kabul.

And are the Republicans doing any better? Nope. They’re angry, not that Biden left Afghanistan incompetently, but that he left in the first place; sure, they never fought and won’t make the most basic of sacrifices for their country, but your son should go die for…reasons. And, if they’re not busy play-acting Alexander while, in reality, acting more like Commodus or Caligula, they’re busy pushing for…you guessed it, corporate tax cuts. Because what we need to focus on right now is giving companies more money to spend on promoting anti-American propaganda. Oh, and instead of standing up to insane spending plans, they decided to play ball with the leftists and pass a bloated infrastructure bill. That’ll teach Joe a lesson!

These are dark days for America. Not because of the issues themselves, they’re all manageable; the Taliban could be ground into the dirt like a flea if we put Erik Prince in charge as viceroy, CRT could be demolished if our leaders had even the most flimsy of backbones, China could be reigned in if, again, our “leaders” grew a spine, and inflation could be stopped if someone took a sledgehammer to the money printers.

Rather, these are dark days because no one has stepped up to the plate. Among everyone, right and left, a paltry few have even moved in the right direction. Trump is fighting as best, but his reach was curtailed by tech titans and the GOP politicians won’t fight for his right to be heard. DeSantis seems okay, but who really believes he’d get his hands dirty if necessary? Could he treat Democrats as they treat us? I doubt it. When you look at Congress and the Senate, the situation is even worse; the GOP has no leaders of substance. And, of course, the Democrats are the same shitshow they usually are.

Rome fell because of its bad leaders. There’s no reason America will be any different.

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