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Lack of Logic with Gun Control

My Take on the Lack of Logic with Gun Control:

Gun control proponents often make no sense. Obviously, as a gun owner I just do not understand why they would want to take our guns away. And confiscation is their goal, as I discussed in my post titled “Blame Criminals, Not Guns.”

However, one of the bigger problems with the gun control debate is that many of the proposed restrictions and regulations just do not make sense. For example, look at the meme above. The Ar-15 and Ruger Mini 14 both fire the same bullet, are similar lengths, and can take similar magazines. By pretty much every standard, they are just as deadly. But to liberals, the AR 15 seems far deadly.

Why is that? It seems like there is a lack of logic with gun control. To those of us that know about firearms, it makes little to no sense that there is so much emphasis placed on the AR 15. It is just another semi automatic rifle that fires a pretty small bullet. Sure, it looks like a potential military weapon. But other than that aesthetic, it is nothing special. So, to go back the question, why do liberals place undue emphasis on it? Because it looks scary and they don’t have any real knowledge of firearms.

In my opinion, there is a lack of logic with gun control because firearm safety is no longer taught. If it was taught, then perhaps people would be more willing to look at what the actual problems with gun violence are. Gangs, fatherless homes, broken families, and a lack of knowledge about gun safety are all reasons for gun violence. Certain small caliber, semi-automatic rifles like the Ar 15 are not.

Gun control advocates need to start trying to actually understand guns. Without doing that, their arguments will continue to make no sense.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook