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Kyle Rittenhouse is a Hero

Much has been made of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial online. While there are some on each extreme, either supporting him fully or condemning him fully, most say that while he might be in the right, he shouldn’t have been there in the first place. In normal times, that might have been more or less accurate. Prudence would dictate not putting yourself in a situation where violence is likely. Under reasonable circumstances, that’s the truth. And, to be clear, unprovoked violence is never right. Only self-defense. The heroic man defends himself and his kin, he doesn’t prey upon the weak or innocent.

The problem is, those were not normal times. A sheepdog was required and Rittenhouse, in defending himself and others, acted as that sheepdog. When the barbarians are at the gate, as they were in Kenosha, it’s a man’s duty to stand up for his civilization. What red-blooded man isn’t inspired by the minutemen, many of whom were as young as Kyle? Who among you would honor the bronze-clad Greeks had they thrown down their spears on the fields of Marathon and surrendered to the Persians just to “play it safe?” Would we still tell tales of Roland, Guiscard,  and Caesar had they played it safe and stayed out of danger, letting the barbarians rampage as they sat safely at home?

No! Of course not. Such cowardice is despicable and would be looked back upon with the contempt we feel for those, like the French in WWII, that tamely surrendered to the deepest evils. So why is this any different? BLM and Antifa were behaving barbarically. Rittenhouse did what needed to be done. He’s a hero. He’s the sort of defender of Western Civilization that more men should be. He, unlike most others at that time, was willing to stand up to the communist menace that was ravaging the nation:

As the author says, there is no middle ground. You’re either on the side of freedom, liberty, and Western Civilization, as Kyle Rittenhouse was, or the side of the savages that burn down small businesses because a thug died.

Furthermore, and this is important, Rittenhouse was attacked. Whatever his reasons for being there, which were, nominally at least, defending free speech, he had the right to not be attacked. He’s a hero not because he killed anyone, but because he stood up for himself and defended himself from those that would do him and others harm. Like the Spartans at Thermopylae, he acted as the shield to defend his culture. That selfless act is praiseworthy to the highest degree.

And, as BAP (author of the Bronze Age Mindset) said on his Telegram, no civilized country would prosecute Rittenhouse. He stood up for himself against thugs bent on the destruction of Western Civilization. He should be the model for our youth, not spat upon or spoken to condescendingly. Anyone who speaks against him is of the opinion that slavery is a preferable alternative to freedom and that we should bend the knee to the Marxist menace. They’re the ones behind the collapse of our civilization. Don’t trust them.

Then there’s the fact that the people he shot were seriously nasty people. One was a pedo that raped multiple boys:

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It speaks volumes that the Democrats, media, and RINOs have sided with the pedos and BLM rioters over a brave young man standing up for himself and the sacred right to be secure in one’s person and property.

And that’s not all. There’s also the fact that what the prosecution is basically arguing is that Rittenhouse should have let an Antifa goon pointing a pistol at him shoot him or stomp him to death. That’s the path a coward would take. Rittenhouse, a hero, stood up for himself instead, as this meme brilliantly shows:

Is that what we’d really prefer? A nation of men so weak that they’d let predators rip them to pieces before they defended themselves? If so, all hope is surely lost. Our Founders, those brave men that defeated a superpower and built the greatest nation to ever grace the Earth, would have responded as Rittenhouse did. All the great men of history would have responded as Rittenhouse did. Many of us, sitting at home and watching the riots can only hope that we would act with the same bravery as Mr. Rittenhouse.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero. Unlike most Americans, even those in the Armed Forces, he showed actually bravery. He fought for what is right, performed admirably under the circumstances (his shots were quite accurate), and lived up to the standard of bravery set by his ancestors on every field of battle from Gaugamela to Cowpens, Omaha Beach to Constantinople. He stood his ground and roared like a lion, defending himself from multiple attackers.

Such a brave young man should be praised. He should be the model for America’s young men, as his spiritual successors, the minutemen, were to Americans that have fought on every battlefield, foreign and domestic. It’s detestable and quite saddening that so many seek to condemn him.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.