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Are they Migrant Facilities or Kids in Cages? Depends on the Party in Power

Remember the outrage that came with Trump’s border policies? Border policies, it should be noted, that stemmed from the Obama regime. Until he solved the problem, there were articles in the fake news sites and papers each day lamenting the wretched “kids in cages.” Fortunately, Trump solved the border problem and the media whining ended too.

But then Biden was “elected.” His occupation of the White House meant that illegals felt more comfortable making the odyssey north and did so in great numbers. Minors, especially, headed to gringo territory.

So, predictably, it became a crisis. Open borders don’t work. Because of the crisis, Biden had to put “kids in cages.” Only, this time, the bad orange man was gone, so it was no longer “kids in cages,” but rather “migrant facilities.”

The media is full of despicable liars who shouldn’t ever be trusted. They just use their power and position to cover for their friends in the far-left Democrat Party. That’s why their terminology changed as soon as Biden walked into 1600 Penn. They’re not informing you; they’re manipulating you.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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