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[Video] Sen. Kennedy Targets Slow Joe, Decimates Democrats with Hilarious Super Bowl comment

I didn’t realize Sen. Kennedy was such a rhetorician and genius up until he destroyed Biden’s commie banking appointee on the Senate floor, calling her “comrade” and utterly shredding any chance she had of making it past the nomination stage. It was brilliant.

Then he turned his big guns on Brandon recently, blasting it for the (at the time, censors) free crack pipe plan, hilariously saying that Biden has the IQ of a garden pest. While that’s unfair to the (comparatively) very smart hedgehogs, snakes, and earthworms in many a garden, it was hilarious.

Now he’s at it again, ripping the leftists, particularly brain-dead Brandon, apart for how they seem to care more about trivial things than the crime wave sweeping the nation. As the Daily Caller reported:

“There are a number of reasons for the increase in our crime rate, but I think part of it is our public leadership,” Kennedy said. “We have many leaders in our communities today who believe, deep down, that, if a criminal commits a crime, it’s really not the criminal’s fault—it’s the fault of an unfair world. And many of these same people believe that punishment, prisons and cops make it worse. And I do not believe any free society can order a civilized culture without accepting the concept of free will and responsibility.”

“I think President Joe Biden has tolerated a lot of this,” Kennedy said. “An uncharitable person might say that his silence in this case, or at least the administration’s more interested in Super Bowl guacamole than the crime rate. And the only way, it seems to me, that in America we’re going to address this problem is from the top-down. Top-up works too. President Biden needs to address this issue and the change in leadership of some of our public officials.

He then added that between the “Homicides, shootings, armed robbery, carjackings — in many of our cities, well, it’s safer to walk down the streets of Mogadishu than walk down the streets of those cities, some of the world’s largest outdoor shooting ranges.

Watch that hilarious comment here:

What a legendary response!

The sad thing is, he’s more or less right.

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Sure, Chiraq probably isn’t quite as bad as Mogadishu, at least as we think of it from the Black Hawk Down incident in the 90s. But, on a scale of Mayberry to Mogadishu, Chiraq, New York, LA, and Detroit are all significantly more on the Mogadishu side of the scale.

What’s worse is that the left couldn’t seem to care less about it. Homicides spiked by about 30% in 2020 then another 22% last year, which is horrible, yet many leftists still insist on “defunding the police” and funding “communities” instead.

Oh, and they want to curtail your right to own guns, something they (rightly) see as a limitation on their ability to act and limit your liberty. So, you get to get mugged and be happy about it because Team Brandon would rather have you firmly in its grasp than be free from having to worry about criminals.

Criminals are overrunning America and the Democrats are to blame, particularly Biden, who has tolerated lots of it. If you don’t want to be mugged, voting red would be a good first step.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.