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Kendi And Kaepernick: The Failed Narrative Of Black Oppression

If you’ve ever seen The Princess Bride, there is a scene where a desperate Prince Humperdinck rushes down to Westley in the pit of despair and maxes out the life-sucking machine. It is an ostensible act of murderous outrage rooted in frustration and failure to control a false narrative.

Just as Humperdinck wanted to ignore reality and have Buttercup fall in love with him (and out of love with Westley), so too have acolytes of Critical Race Theory escalated their religious zealotry surrounding America’s alleged systemic racism in the midst of futile efforts of coerced real-time revisionism. They suppress the reality of unparalleled black freedom, black opportunity, and black success in the United States in favor of promulgating hatred, division, and lies. Each new effort is more unhinged than before.

This past weekend, one of the most notable names in “anti-racist” race hustling, Ibram X. Kendi (nee Henry Rogers), unironically tweeted out the since-deleted statement:

More than a third of White students lied about their race on college applications, and about half of these applicants lied about being Native American. More than three-fourths of these students who lied about their race were accepted.”

The purpose of this tweet is confusing. He has never seemed particularly bright, but even for him this was truly bizarre. What did he hope to convey that would advance his agenda? Immediately, many commenters correctly noted that this tweet essentially disproved his life’s work: If it is so advantageous to be white in America, why do white students lie about their race in the admissions process? It’s been a question percolating in conservative circles since we learned of Elizabeth Warren’s self-described high cheekbones and 1/1,024th native heritage some years back.

Now, it would appear, Kendi is asking the same question. Perhaps soon he will be wondering how it was that blacks owned other blacks in the antebellum south, were elected to Congress during the Reconstruction era, sat on the Supreme Court, were elected to the highest office of the land – twice – with a third trip in the veep slot, so say nothing of the millions of black millionaires and otherwise prominent black middle class.

Above all else, this would be a good opportunity for Kendi to reflect on his own success – how does a below-average black man with no discernible talents rise to national prominence and individual wealth in a supposedly racist country? Why do white people like Robin D’Angelo have to hate themselves in order to sell books? As with collegiate hopefuls, adult success is likewise rooted in selling out white skin color.

Then there is the latest sideshow effort by Colin Kaepernick. Since 2017, Kaepernick has waged a cultural war against America on the grounds that it wouldn’t let him play football due to overt politicization. While it is true that no one wanted him on a team, it has less to do with his politics (the league plays a black national anthem and paints Black Lives Matter on its field, for crying out loud) and more to do with his inability to win football games or justify the contracts he sought. Despite professing a love of the game and a simple desire to play, he opted out of one contract and reportedly turned down several others. On top of that, he cowered in the spotlight when teams called him on his bluff to try out in a private event. Colin Kaepernick wanted to play in the NFL like I want to spend the holidays at my in-laws, but for years he has whined about not getting a fair shake at it.

Therefore, his latest embarrassment was especially surprising. Suddenly, he hates the idea of playing football. Any parent of a two-year-old can relate to this shift in mindset; if a toddler doesn’t get a toy, rather than attach to a new one they simply shout that they hate the old one. Colin Kaepernick is a child.

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Whatever personal history is being rewritten, though, there are simply no words for the direct comparison of playing sports to the tragic legacy of slavery. If given the choice between being paid millions of dollars, living a glamorous life of travel, celebrity status, womanizing, and everything else that comes with living in the top .1% of a professional athlete, it is hard to imagine a field hand choosing the master’s whip, the hot sun, blistered fingers, permanent servitude, and family separation. In addition to being a child, Kaepernick is simply a despicable human being.

Kendi and Kaepernick are but two ungrateful and mediocre black men who have risen far beyond their intellect and talents should have allowed. Though it seems likely they practice worship of the self, if they have any belief in a higher power they should be thanking that entity every morning upon rising and every night upon laying down for their unimaginable success in America.

As their antics devolve into ever-more doctrinaire derangement, white society can only hope they do not ramp up the machine to fifty. Instead, good ideas need to triumph and leave Humperdinck tied to a chair, alone and humiliated.

By: Parker Beauregard. Article Syndicated from Blue State Conservative