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Your Government Wants Your Money, But There Are Ways To Keep It Away From Them

A beginning for the return to a Republic

There is a very dark road ahead for our country. Joe Bribe’m has just recited a new plan for the IRS that allows the inspection of your bank account for transactions over $600. This plan is tied in with the attempted elimination of cash payments in retail stores by the “coin shortage” lie which opens all your transactions to governmental inspection through your credit card.

This means there will be a flashlight beam focused on everything you do with money because, with the socialist inflation, prices will fly through the roof.  Fortunately, there are ways to get around these leeches.  Five-hundred-dollar withdrawals will allow cash transactions at the various stores with which you trade.  The next step is to negotiate a cash price for larger purchases or a barter-type system when possible.

Cash instead of credit is a valid point of interest in many cases because the price in the store includes several percent in credit card fees.  This will give the owner an incentive to work with you.  It also will support your local small business over the monopoly type chains.  It is a win-win for the home team, US!

Now the larger point, money and government.  How much is yours and how much will your congressman or councilman take from you for himself and his friends?  If we could find a legal way to not pay some of the tax burden, what would happen to the graft in government? Panic of course! There is only one way to stop a government from expanding and tyrannizing the citizens.  Starve it of money!

What can you do? There are three things that will help stop the World Economic Forum. 1. Pay cash as stated above. 2. Do not pay Social Security if you are an independent owner business. 3. If you work for a large company that is required to take SS out of your check, there is another option.  That is to sign up as a monthly contract employee. 

That means you set up ABC company and XYZ Corporation pays a monthly fee for your services.  There is no Social Security (FICA) withheld from your check, which is usually around 13%.  That is a nice raise!  You then put retirement money in a safe place and off you go.  XYZ Corp does not have to match funds for SS, so they get a bonus as well.

Current health insurance also would be eliminated and split between you and the company so that both parties are better off.  The new small business owner can join a Health Share Association for medical insurance and save money there as well.

It would not take but a few companies and employees to sober these clowns up and slow the current theft to a grinding halt. The Congress would try to bring this practice to a quick end, but we would have the upper hand for a pleasant change.

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This approach just leaves the latest outrage that has reached the bottom of the muck.  Mr. Bribe’m has announced there will be rationing of medications for the flu bug to states that do not approve of his shot mandates.  His controllers decided that the way to intimidate you is to withhold drug treatments for an illness.  This is, without a doubt, an exact replication of Mr. Stalin.  The people and the States must not feed the beast any longer.  They are threatening our lives and health for noncompliance with an unconstitutional decree.

The speech of  Patrick Henry at Saint Johns’ Church in 1775 is well worth the 2-minute reminder of our forebearers’ struggles against the same greedy slug.

My blade needs sharpening.

Image by Richard Duijnstee from Pixabay

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