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Keep the Gun Stores Open

Why America Needs to Keep the Gun Stores Open

What’s happening in America right now is somewhat terrifying. Not the Chinese flu. That is (or at least should be) an annoyance rather than a terrifying event for most of America. The utter panic and economic shutdown caused by the Chinese flu, however, is scary. Similar past circumstances indicate that the economic shutdown and the vast amount of joblessness created by it might lead to unrest in America. for that reason, America should keep the gun stores open.

I know that sounds crazy. And really, I hope it is. If this all ends soon and the economy reopens, then I probably will look like a madman for just suggesting the idea of mass unrest across America. And again, I hope that is the case. But, if this crisis goes on for too much longer, then we need to look at history as a guide. And what an instructive guide it is.

Look at the Great Depression, for example. The stock market sank, as ours just did. There was mass joblessness, as is now starting to happen in America.

It didn’t end well. In addition to the creation of a vast welfare state, there was a Veteran March on Washington D.C. carried out by the so-called “Bonus Army.” The Bonus Army was infiltrated by communists and started a riot in DC that turned so ugly that General Douglas MacArthur had to use force to put down, as he describes in Reminiscences.

Similarly, across the ocean, the Depression spawned unrest across Europe. The Italian fascists, Nazis, and other groups all received significant boosts from the unrest spawned by the Depression. If you want to read more about that, check out Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. In Italy, riots are already happening. Similarly, there is simmering anger in Germany, Spain, and France

Now, I’m not saying this is going to be the start of the next World War II or fascists in America. Obviously that claim would be absurd. But, we are likely to see an uptick in crime and possibly some riots, like the ones Antifa has been carrying out for years. Economically distressed and scared citizens are rarely upstanding citizens. And, as Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper said, the best way to deal with crime is with your own handgun. Criminals and rioters don’t care about gun laws, so you need to stay protected. Economic devastation, which we’re starting to see now, often leads to social unrest and increased crime. We should keep the gun stores open so that citizens can stay prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, private businesses should be allowed to stay open if they so desire. This is America, we’re not supposed to cower in fear at the sight of any phantom threat. No, we’re resilient! So unleash the free market. Keep the gun stores open. And the restaurants. And the factories. And whatever other businesses want to. Our policy should be based on freedom, not compulsion. If people want to work or shop, especially for a gun, let them. That’s what America is all about. Freedom.

By: Gen Z Conservative

Note: President Trump has declared gun stores to be essential businesses. For now, at least.

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