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Watch: Kayleigh McEnany Torches Justin Trudeau in Blistering Statement

Oh for the days of Kayleigh McEnany. Unlike the current White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki the red-headed witch, Kayleigh was both good at her job and something other than the most unpleasant, least helpful person in the world. Young, smart, and talented, she was undoubtedly the better version of whatever Jen is.

In any case, she’s back in the news, using her wit and charm to reel in viewers and then slam Justin Trudeau, the Castro-like (I suppose it’s just in the blood…) dictator of Canada who is now using emergency powers to crack down on truckers protesting his regime and steal their livelihoods and life savings by debanking them for daring to protest.

Appearing on The ‘Outnumbered’, a FNC show, McEnany slammed Trudeau in a no holds barred,  wonderful statement. Watch her torch him here:

As you can hear in the video, McEnany said:

When you have law enforcement saying, essentially, this is government overreach, I’m resigning in protest, they’re exactly right. This Emergencies Act is only supposed to be invoked if there is a threat to the sovereignty of the Canadian government.

So you’re telling me these peaceful truckers who are opposing government overreach surrounded by kids and very family-oriented affairs, that’s a threat to the sovereignty of the government of Canada? I don’t think so, Justin Trudeau.

I don’t think so. But what’s amazing is they’re protesting government overreach. So elitist, Justin Trudeau, says what’s the answer? More government overreach. Does that even make sense? 

She’s right: it makes no sense and is beyond ironic, if not completely unexpected, that Justin Castreau is expanding his powers in the face of a crisis to crack down on those who want him gone. It’s what leftists always do, however ridiculous it might seem to the average person.

And Trudeau isn’t the only elitist leftists that Kayleigh McEnany has torn apart recently. She also blasted the perfidious CNN for its faux commitment to “integrity” while really acting like shameless, perverted partisans, saying:

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Yeah, I think that this could go further. Clearly we have seen it happen like dominoes.

Jesse, you are right I was there. I used to sit on 8-on-1 panels, 8 leftists including the host, and myself, a Trump supporter, a conservative, and I had to listen to them lecture me about President Trump and ethics and this and that and I barely got a word in as they’re playing these commercials, ‘An apple is an apple, and a banana is a banana, and truth is truth. We are CNN. We have such journalistic integrity.’

Well, it turns out they didn’t, Jesse. It turns out that they elevated Governor Cuomo and Chris Cuomo with all of this going on behind the scenes. There was no room for them to be lecturing anyone on ethics. They should have been looking in the mirror. I think there are more dominoes to fall, Jesse, but we will see.

If only she were back in the White House press room with Trump, those were better days. But at least she’s still wrecking leftists.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.