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Watch: Brandon’s Court Nominee Refuses to Say that Racial Discrimination is Wrong

Is discrimination on the basis of race wrong? Most normal people, trained from a young age to judge their fellows on the basis of merit rather than melanin, would say “yes, of course, it’s wrong to discriminate on the basis of race.”

Not leftists, however. Remember, a key component of “anti-racism” is discriminating against certain groups of people in the present to make up for past discrimination against other groups.

And that brings us to yesterday, when one of Brandon’s judicial nominees, Kenly Kiya Kato, refused to say that racial discrimination is wrong when being questioned by Ted Cruz during a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting. Watch that disgusting refusal here:

As you can hear in the video, Cruz asks “Is racial discrimination wrong?” Kato, dodging the question and giving a condescending-sounding non-answer, says “Senator, our Constitution prohibits race discrimination. Discrimination on the basis of race.” That’s true, it does, but not what he asked.

Cruz, holding on to the snake and refusing to let her off the hook without an answer or a clear refusal to answer, repeated the question.

Kato then started to refuse to answer yet again, saying “Senator as a judge, I don’t deal with issues of morality or whether something you —

At that point Cruz interrupted her, saying “You have no views on whether it’s right or wrong?

Replying, and yet again refusing to say whether she thinks racial discrimination is wrong, Kato said “Senator because that is an issue that is frequently litigated before the courts pursuant to Canon three of the Code of Conduct.

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Why is it so hard for her to say that, in addition to being illegal, it’s morally wrong to discriminate on the basis of race?

But it didn’t end there. After much wrangling, Cruz finally got her to admit that “pursuant to Supreme Court precedent, race discrimination under the law is prohibited.”

Then, though that still wasn’t really an answer to his morality question, he moved on, bringing up the subject of racial discrimination in university admissions. Watch that here:


As you can hear in the video, She again refuses to say that racial discrimination is wrong, which should be astounding but unfortunately isn’t. Cruz begins by asking:

…top universities across the country have vicious discrimination policies against Asian Americans. They are reminiscent of the quotas against Jews that we saw these same schools imposed in the 1950s.

These schools believe that Asian Americans have been too successful academically and that if they allow students to compete based on merit, they’d have too many Asian Americans. And accordingly, Harvard and Yale and a number of the top schools in this country explicitly and brazenly discriminate against Asian Americans. Does that practice concern you?

Kato, predictably, refused to answer, saying “Senator Cruz as you know, the Supreme Court recently granted cert in the case to which I think you’re referring. And therefore pursuant again to Canon three. I am…

Cruz interrupted her yet again, saying “So you’re gonna decline to comment.”

Probably the biggest reason that Kato was refusing to answer was that Brandon can’t stop making his potentially illegal motives open.

Whereas others might hire or admit unqualified minorities for diversity purposes but keep it quiet, Biden has done so after being open about that being exactly what he intends to do, as we saw with Kamala and are now seeing with the Supreme Court seat that will be left over when Breyer retires.

So, Kato, not wanting to say that Brandon is acting in an immoral way (but seemingly admitting that he was acting in an illegal way if he did, in fact, discriminate on the basis of race), refused to answer Cruz’s questions.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.