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LOL: Dems Worried that Harris is So Bad Her Unpopularity Will Hurt Other Female Candidates

We all know that Cackling Kamala Harris is horrible.

Her subordinates live in fear, she’s always quick on the draw with accusations of racism, she’s as vapid as Joe is senile, she’s somehow even more cringe than the rest of the Pantsuit Empire, and, perhaps worst of all, her cackle is like a cheese grater to the ears.

So, unsurprisingly, she’s unpopular with the American people.

So unpopular, in fact, that her approval rating is worse than Dick Cheney’s was at the height of the bloodshed of the Iraq war…and after he shot a guy in the face.

But her unlikability woes don’t end there. According to the Daily Caller, which itself references a recent Axios report, Kamala is so unpopular and unlikeable that Democrats are worried she might turn the American people against all female candidates:

Departures from Vice President Kamala Harris’ office have Democratic operatives worried about Harris’ impact on future female candidates and the potential harm being associated with her could cause

The potential to face career setbacks as a result of being labeled a “Harris person” is responsible for some of the rapid turnover in the office, Axios reported. Harris’ approval rating has been consistently low, with one USA Today poll reporting it at a mere 28% in November, while reports of dysfunction in her office have also plagued Harris’ tenure.

“If we mess this up, it’s going to set women back when it comes to running for higher office for years to come,” a Democratic operative close to the vice president’s office reportedly told Axios. Another operative close to the office reportedly said the pressure was on Harris’ chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, to keep the office from collapsing.

That’s right. Not only are even the leftists willing to admit that Kamala is absolutely awful, but they think she’s so horrible that she’ll have a deleterious impact on all women that want to run for office in the future. Yikes.

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By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics