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Kamala Harris is Not a Moderate

Why It Should be Obvious that Kamala Harris is Not a Moderate

I think that, at this point, most conservative Americans can see that Kamala Harris is not a moderate. She was not moderate as a presidential candidate and she certainly is not a moderate.

Of course, the fake news media would never have you believe that. According to talking heads in the media and the failing New York Times, Kamala is a “pragmatic moderate.”

According to them, her support for radically far-left policies and derision of anyone the right of Karl Marx, not to mention the fact that all of the radicals in the far-left support her (other than the ones that hate her because she was a cop), is irrelevant. To them, Kamala is a moderate simply because they proclaim her to be one.

That is laughably absurd. Kamala Harris is not a moderate. She is a radical that has the support of radicals. Like Joe Biden, the Democrat that she is running with and who is also a radical and far from being moderate on any issues, Kamala Harris only supports radical policies. Shall we examine her history and what she supports? I think we should.

kamala harris is not a moderate. like joe biden, she is a radical, as this headline shows

First off, Kamala Harris was widely regarded as one of the farthest-left candidates in the Senate. She voted for leftist policy after leftist policy and did everything in her power to stop Trump’s judicial picks and nominees from becoming federal judges.

And that is not just my opinion. In 2019, GovTrack, a non-partisan organization that tracks bills in Congress, ranked Harris as the “most liberal compared to All Senators.” That is astounding. There are some other crazies in the Senate. Yet, according to a non-partisan organization (which generally means somewhat left-leaning), Kamala was the most radical and far-left of any of the US Senators. To me, that alone should be enough to prove that Kamala Harris is not a moderate.

But there are other examples, her disastrous and radical Senate record is not all that shows that Kamala Harris is not a moderate.

For one, she supports radical gun control policies and would confiscate the firearms that you desperately need to protect yourself from the violent Antifa mob that is ravaging America right now. Of course, she would still have protection (and even owns a gun). But, in her opinion, you should not have a right to protect yourself. To me, that shows not only that Kamala Harris is not a moderate, but also that she is a hypocrite, as are the rest of the Democrats.

Additionally, according to the National Review, Kamala Harris is not a moderate because of her hatred of Christianity, namely the Catholic Church. For example, while a senator, Kamala persecuted a district court judge for being a Catholic, slandering and mercilessly attacking him for daring to be a Christian.

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Also, according to the same article, Kamala Harris is not a moderate because she supports radical Medicare for All schemes that would be ineffective, anti-freedom, and bankrupt our nation.

And, finally, also from the same article, Kamala Harris is not a moderate because, far from wanting to protect America, she wants to open our borders:

“Senator Harris’s health-care moderation is complemented by her moderately fervent embrace of open borders. She favors providing federal health-care benefits to illegal immigrants, but that’s presumably on its way toward being a moderate position, too, since they wouldn’t be illegal if she had her way. That is because on immigration, she is a moderate in the sense that she endorses the decriminalization of unauthorized entry into the United States but would not actually load up a truck and make a coyote run herself.”


So, here is a quick recap. Kamala is a gun-grabber, does not understand the threat posed by illegal immigration, wants to enact Medicare for All policies that would prove disastrous for America, and she hates Christianity. Oh, and she was known as the most far-left Senator.

I don’t know what you think, but to me those do not sound like the policy choices of a “pragmatic moderate.” In fact, I think every single one of those policies that she supports could be used as evidence to show that Kamala Harris is not a moderate.

The media is lying to us. That is not at all surprising, but is still disappointing and needs to be called out. As always, avoid the Washington Post. Avoid the New York Times. Do not listen to CNN. Those “sources,” if they can even be called that, are spreading lies about everything. Kamala Harris is not a moderate, nor is Joe Biden. Remember that.

By: Gen Z Conservative