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Kamala Harris is a Hypocrite and Liar

Why Kamala Harris is a Hypocrite

In my opinion, it is not that hard to see that Kamala Harris is a hypocrite, just like the rest of her party. She has, for some reason, been chosen as Biden’s Vice Presidential pick. As if anyone is excited to vote for a senile grafter and hypocritical former District Attorney. But, in any case, in signing on to the Biden campaign, Kamala has shown that she is a complete and total hypocrite.

In what ways is it obvious that Kamala Harris is a hypocrite is a liar? Well, a dizzying number of ways. I’ll stick to my favorites, but know that there are more.

Example 1: Her Views on Guns

The first example of the fact that Kamala Harris is a hypocrite is her view on firearm rights. She does not get the “shall not be infringed” part of the 2nd Amendment. Frankly, she could not care less about your right to keep and bear arms.

Like all of the other crazy people in her party, she wants to take your guns and leave you defenseless. Kamala does not get why you need an AR-15. She ignores the fact that no guns mean more crime. And, despite being DA, she seems to disregard the fact that criminals commit crimes, not guns.

But despite all of that hatred towards the 2nd Amendment and one of our natural rights, the right to self-defense, Kamala Harris has armed security and owns a gun. She thinks that she should be able to own a weapon, but you should not be able to. Kamala thinks that she is better than you, or at least more important, and that her life is, therefore, more worth protecting than yours.

But, most of all, this shows that Kamala Harris is a hypocrite that thinks that she should be allowed to do what you should not be able to do. If you want a gun-grabber in the White House, then vote for a Biden-Kamala ticket!


Example 2: Her Views on Sexual Assault and Misconduct

The second example of how Kamala Harris is a hypocrite is her treatment of sexual misconduct. In fact, her hypocrisy and lies on this subject have been so numerous that there are actually two examples.

The first relates to her past and the Kavanaugh hearing. When she was just starting off her career, Kamala had an affair with Mayor Willie Brown, who was a known philanderer. He bought her a car because of their affair, harassed her and other female employees (who she did nothing to protect once she became DA), and she generally used their sexual relationship to gain an advantage over her rivals.

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The key there is that it was an immoral relationship and her partner, a married man and mayor, was known for harassing female staff. Yet she said not a word about that.

But then, in a complete 180, Kamala decided to go after now-Justice Kavanaugh with a vengeance during his confirmation hearing. Using nothing more than an anonymous, unverified accusation, Kamala did everything in her power to ruin the reputation of Justice Kavanaugh.

When she was around an obvious rapist in her own party, she said not a word. But as soon as she could use sexual misconduct as a cudgel with which she could bludgeon someone from the other side, she did. That shows that Kamala Harris is a hypocrite.

The other example of why I know that Kamala Harris is a hypocrite because of how she treats accusations of sexual misconduct comes from the Democratic primaries, which ended a few short months ago. During that election cycle, Kamala stated that she believed Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade, and thought that Biden is a rapist. However, despite Biden having done nothing at all to show that those accusations are not true since then, Kamala signed on to his campaign and is his VP. That is opportunism. And it shows that Kamala Harris is a hypocrite.

Now, I also believe that Biden is a rapist. And the response of the Democrats to the accusations shows that the entire party is a party of hypocrites, not just Kamala. But I think she is particularly horrible in this regard because she is so transparently hypocritical and opportunistic. She attacked Biden when it was convenient, as she attacked Kavanaugh, not because she cares about sexual assault or misconduct, but because she wanted power. Now, when being silent means a higher chance of gaining power, she is silent. What a detestable person.

kamala harris is a hypocrite, as shown by her treatment of sexual assault allegations
Kamala Harris obviously cares about power more than the accusers and justice for them, as this headline from The Hill shows

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Example 3: Her Treatment of “the Common Man”

Example three of the fact that Kamala Harris is a hypocrite comes from her treatment of average people.

When she was DA, Kamala focused almost exclusively on going after low-level criminals. She ignored the fact that complete prohibition is impossible and only leads to violence and went full-steam after low-level drug offenders, many of whom were impoverished minorities. Yet she left her friend the rapist Mayor alone and was a “best friend” to the Tech companies that are now the enemies of freedom.

Now, however, Kamala has again made a complete 180. Because the Democratic Party has moved to the left and away from supporting law and order, so has she. Now she supports defunding the police, has admitted to and laughed about smoking marijuana, and has not once mentioned Hunter Biden’s drug use. Kamala Harris is a hypocrite because she locked up the poor for committing the same crimes that she and other elites regularly get away with.

Yet she still claims to be a representative of “the little guy.” She acts like she wants to help common people. She doesn’t. Kamala Harris is a hypocrite that just does whatever is popular or generally supported by her party. She has no real values. She believes in nothing other than her own power. I don’t know about you, but that is not at all the type of person that I want in office.

Similarly, Kamala now claims that all law-enforcement is racist. That even includes her calling ICE the modern version of the Ku Klux Klan. All of that is meant to make her look like a friend to the “common man,” but it really just makes her look like a friend of violent felons and illegal immigrants.

Yet when Kamala was a DA she rabidly anti-crime, especially when it came to prosecuting minorities. Hence why she was so unpopular in the primaries and got about 0% of the vote.

I am not saying that it is bad for politicians to be anti-crime. Since I am a Republican and a reasonable person, I think the cops are generally the good guys (at least when they are punishing actual crimes rather than giving speeding tickets or enforcing unconstitutional gun-control laws). But Kamala Harris is a hypocrite. She is a law enforcement officer (a DA) that used that position to vault herself to prominence and then promptly disowned anyone who supports law and order once it became inconvenient to support common-sense law and order policies.

And that is not okay. Choose a side and stick to it. Or at least have reasons for changing your mind. It is absurd, hypocritical, and in poor taste to just blow with the winds of far-left policies to seek power. Yet Kamala Harris is a hypocrite and that is just what she is doing.


Conclusion: Do Not Be Afraid to Say that Kamala Harris is a Hypocrite

It should be obvious to all Americans that Kamala Harris is a hypocrite and has no principles. She cares nothing about ordinary Americans, as shown by her views on guns and punishing drug crimes, and could not care less about sexual assault, as shown by her own history with sexual misconduct. If you want one of the most obvious hypocrites and liars in American politics to be in a position of power and within easy reach of the presidency, then vote for Kamala in November.

If, on the other hand, you want a real American that cares about the values that America stands for, not just power, then vote for Trump and help make sure that Creepy Joe Biden loses in a landslide and takes his hypocritical DA down with him when he fails horribly.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook